Dragon Knights



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Dragon Knights is an upcoming free-to-play MMORPG newly announced by Aeria Games. The game features the classic medieval fantasy setting, and focuses more on PvP combat registered in a multitude of ways.

In the land of Litos, the evil dragon Kharvag which was defeated by an enigmatic order known as the Dragon Knights centuries ago emerged again to seek revenge by destroying the land. To rid the world of this malevolent enemy, players need to revive the ancient order seeking out its mythic power and strength. Create an avatar based on several classes and races, and embark on the journey of action-packed adventure.

PvE contents characteristic with dungeon crawling are available, but weigh less than the PvP portion in the game. With regards to player conflicts, it not only provides competitive scaled guild battles, but also presents full-blown castle sieges in which two sides engage on tense battles for the ownership of a castle as well as all benefits like structures and taxes in it. Action-oriented as it is, it implements a transformation feature into combat, which allows players morph into variety of monsters to draw upon monstrous abilities and attributes. Another striking is the in-game politics arena, another competitive place outside of the battlefield in which players vote peers or are voted to high-ranks of the kingdom via election.

Now, Dragon Knights beta sign-up is live. It’s coming shortly.