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Dragon Pals, a free browser-based MMORPG, is the latest entry into the game portal of R2Games that has published titles like Wartune, City of Steam and Broken Realm. The new game is a combination of hybrid gaming concepts including pet capturing, turn-based battles, role-playing, etc. to create an entertaining experience.

Dragon Pals is set in a fantastic land that was peaceful under the guardian of dragons but then threatened by an evil force. Dragons sealed themselves and their power in shells to prevent the evil abuse their power. As the new age comes, players as Childs of Fate will wake the dragons and draw upon their strength to return peace to the torn world.

Dragon Pals

Key Features:

  • Start the adventure as a Warrior, an Archer or a Mage
  • Tons of quests, bounties and events to join in the wilderness and dungeons
  • Turn-based, fully-animated, auto battle
  • Collect dragon eggs and wake them up to be your helpers in battles
  • Learn the special abilities of different dragons and make the right team of aiding fighters in response to enemy types
  • Duel other players in Arena, make friends to do group missions, join or create guilds for exclusive events
  • Develop your own character and dragons separately with the different builds of skills, attributes, equipment and gear
  • Participate in the Cage Match to compete against a random player matched by the in-game system for a chance to win specialized titles
  • Manage your own farm, planting crops that yield EXP and Amethyst

Dragon Pals alpha is available now.

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