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Dragon Pop is a casual blitz-style matching puzzle game available on multi-platforms. Connect the same colored dragon eggs to score high and compete with friends in weekly tournament to get special eggs.

Dragon Pop

Dragon Pop plays simple. No swap and match; nor click of groups. The game asks you to link adjacent tiles vertically, horizontally or diagonally to pop them away to earn points. If you are familiar with the game mechanics of another arcade puzzler named Pudding Pop you will get to this game immediately. Despite the sameness in game rules, Dragon Pop differs from its contender in its Chinese cultural artwork and in many detailed designs.

Unlike many other puzzlers of the same genre, Dragon Pop doesn’t adopt the usual diverse map design with extending levels. It presents the gameplay in a more straightforward manner. You have five tai-chi, similar to lives, in default and spend one of them playing a game. When you run out them you must wait for the auto refill or directly purchase them for real cash. Without the many levels and varying maps, the game seems to cater for play-and-go fans better but it also lacks a sense of progress and rich variety.

In every play there is a timer that challenges you make more and faster matching you can. You can horn your blitz skills while unlock the few special booster items like hourglass, celestial bodies (that guarantees that you can score at least 75,000) and billionaire oath (with that, you can play continuously at least 99 times). Some power-ups can be purchased for coins earned in the game but some valuable ones can be got only by purchasing for real money.

Dragon Pop remains a single-player game. But if you can beat friends and other players in the weekly tournament getting the highest score you are rewarded with special, powerful eggs.

Dragon Pop is available on Facebook, iPhone & iPad and Android.

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