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Dragon & Quest: Puzzle is a free-to-play casual match-3 puzzle game designed for iPad. The puzzler features the conventional matching fun but incorporates a special dragon battle objective to every level of challenge.

Players in Dragon & Quest: Puzzle will use their matching skills to beat a dragon in each stage. The basic game mechanics is what all are familiar with: match 3 or more same colored tiles to break them, make bigger matches to create special tiles and create combo to unleash greater power. The difference of the game lies with its singular level objective, defeating the dragon.

Dragon & Quest: Puzzle

In each level you need to match tiles to attack a dragon, draining its life bar within appointed moves. Against one particular type of dragon there is one special color unleashing 300% attack and one special color useless with the rest scaling in their attack power. With this rule it is obvious that you have preferred color to match in each level to pass and score high.

Dragon & Quest: Puzzle has 50 stages of challenge for now and is overall casual and suitable for beginners. Compared with other contenders, it is lack of diversity in the game design but starts with a special dragon element. And if it wants to appeal to veteran puzzle fans, it may want to add more levels with higher leveled dragons and versatile tile design in the future.

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