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Dragons and Titans is a newly announced MOBA title that will be launched on Facebook. As its title suggests, the game will place players into the role of dragon riders, who summon dragons to free their trapped Titans.

There is the classic 5v5 team-based competition as two rival groups crush against each other saving their Titans while destroying the enemy’s. Also there will be Single-player and Co-op game modes to meet the diversified needs of players. Players in the game can choose from 17 different dragons and 16 special weapons to take into battles, battle to gain experience and unlock new abilities and skills, and level up both dragons and weapons by regular use.

Dragons and Titans

Dragons and Titans utilizes Unity so that it can be played directly on the browsers without any download. Viewed from its debut trailer, the game provides smooth, fluid graphics and renders the fast-paced action fairly. This new MOBA is under development at Wyrmbyte, an indie studio headed by industry veteran Scott Brown, previously president of END Games Entertainment and NetDevil and behind popular titles like LEGO Universe. And Wyrmbyte is partnering with Zynga to give a boost for forthcoming launch.

Dragons and Titans is slated to launch on Facebook in late April with other platforms in agenda. You can sign for beta now.