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Dragons of Elanthia is an exciting free-to-play multiplayer Third-person Shooter with awesome dragon flight and fight. All around dragon-riding PvP, the game thrusts dragon riders into epic aerial combat over the skies of Elanthia.

Dragons of Elanthia is set in a hazardous yet beautiful land where players control their own dragons and riders battling for the dominance of the skies in varying battlefields. The game offers 6 dragons and 6 riders at launch, each unique in abilities and battle style. Players can make free combinations of dragons and riders once they are unlocked and utilize the combined power of both to blast enemies down.

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In Dragons of Elanthia the combination of dragons and riders is strategic due to the varying attributes of each. Of all dragons, players can find the large fireball-spitting Fire Drake, the powerful and magical Bone Drake that attacks enemy not by direct hit but draining their life force, the brutal tank-style Behemoth with area splash with its missile barrage and shockwave, and the fastest and fragile Lightning Drake best suitable to infiltrating enemy’s defense with its wind-like lightning bolts and more.

Similarly, players will get the various unique riders: the versatile Paladin that gives rivals hail of crossbow shots and gives allies recovery of life and power, the ranged Mage with the arcane energy to blast enemies and the shield to protect herself, the tough close-quarter Pirate who lives to take on rivals with bullets and bombs and dies to take the nearby enemies down with him by a final blast out, the subtle Shaman who spreads plague and flight withering spells against opponents while create Voodoo Hoop to give a speed-up boost for allies traveling through.

Players can freely mix and match to create their best fighting team. Whether it is a hybrid complementary combination of agile dragon with tank rider or sizable beast with spell-caster, a reinforced team of similar power-wielding duo to confront rivals with one particular super strength, an intense dogfight battle style or an equally powerful but distanced maneuver, players will be able to find their favorite combination and flexibly adjust the battle formation against different enemy types.

What a waste it would be if the carefully chosen team only fights in the imaginative battlefield. Thankfully, it won’t be a waste due to the cool flight engine utilized Dragons and Elanthia. Players can control their duo to fight in intense battles, using the abilities of both dragons and riders and adding another type of strength by skillful flight. And there are several practice maps where players can warm up horning dragon-flying skills and targeting on the move before they jump into fray in the fierce PvP challenge.

With regards to PvP competition different gaming modes will take players into a variety of battle arenas. What’s revealed at the time of writing include classic Deathmatch and highly competitive Castle Siege. But like the ever expanding roster of dragons & riders, there will be more modes regularly added to spicy up the combat. And each battle map is polished with great graphics and varying terrains that can be used for special advantage.

Dragons of Elanthia has a scheduled release in late 2013. Alpha register is live now.

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