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Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online
  • Release Date: 2011
  • Publisher: Bigpoint
  • Developer: Radon Labs
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy
  • Official Site

Drakensang Online, a free-to-play action-oriented fantasy MMO, is the browser version of the popular PC game titled The Dark Eye: Drakensang (D&D) from German-based Radon Labs. The game is set against the medieval land where evil forces led by the Dragon vented the accumulated anger and hatred on human races in large scales of war. Players as heroes will rise to defend mankind and end the war. “Follow the path – there your destiny awaits.”

Before embarking on the adventure, you need to first select your class, Dragonknight, Spellweaver or Ranger, each self-explanatory of its attributes and combat styles. Customization is limited with only several choices for hair and height. After that, the gameplay is straight to the point.

You start out with simple quests that are not much different from what you usually accept in other game. You may need to kill monsters, collect items, pass on words or objects to a certain person, simply find and talk to somebody, and so on and so forth. As you get more familiar to the game, the quests you receive from NPCs may include more than one task, and the combat you have to join will also become fiercer. But soon you will notice the item-retrieving type of quest is slightly different, or rather, diversifed: instead of purely slaying monsters to get certain items, you are also asked to interact with objects, such as to collect ale from the tavern, pick grumble cabbage, or to acquire a bow from the tomb on a side path.

Once the quest is finished, you need to return to the NPC to deliver it and get rewards, which is a little troublesome. To save the unnecessary shuttling to and fro, you may want to take as many quests as possible, finish them all and then come back to town to deliver all together. It saves a lot time, but you have to make sure your inventory is big enough or cleared regularly to store all the pick-ups (both quest items and loots), for a full inventory sometimes forces you to deliver the finished quests first before going on to finish others. Completing quests earns XP, coins and some equipment.

In-game monsters are rich in variety, covering the agile, scurrying gremlins, the muddy Bog gobblers, sword-wielding skeletons, magical vultures and much more. Each of them has its attacking styles and they normally come in hordes. The combat can be intense that often you will find yourself besieged by a crowd of several different types as you travel through different regions. They don’t show up without warning though; in fact, you know them around when the background music turns tenser signaling the upcoming conflict. It’s better to group up with other players to explore together, for those rather aggressive creatures can make you die on the spot quickly if you are alone.

Teamwork is even more required when you explore dungeons. Occasional quests may ask you to venture a bit in dungeons, and more often than not you self-invite yourself in when you encounter them halfway during travel. Dungeons can be set to normal or difficult, which inhabit stronger mobs than in the wild. It’s advisable to explore together with others, but it’s absolutely your own call. It’s practically very convenient to invite others to form a group and then watch the back for one another.

The accessible areas are expanding as you level up. Starting from the small town of Grimmagstone, you march all the way forward, passing various landscapes such as pastures, swamps and forests, etc. as if the world is boundless yet grinding is little varied, until you arrive at Kingshill where you activate the PvP arena to duel others for honor.

And with level-up, you learn more and more powerful skills. Combat is rendered with animation: even the basic skills, once unleashed, generate special visual effects, let alone the advanced ones- sometimes you feel the urge of wanting an audience and say to him, See what I just did?

Drakensang Online is enjoyable if you are into hack-and-slash fantasy games. Not that it doesn’t have its own quirks – some may complain the slowly-acquired skills, lack of variety in quests or the limited choice in class. But on the whole, the game offers satisfying game experience with its solid action-driven combat, wide range of quests, great graphics and varied exciting gaming modes. Simply put, it’s a really good browser-based action game that deserves a try.

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2 Comments on Drakensang Online


  1. Geordy says:

    Heey, wat een mooie pagina, hou ons op de hoogte.

  2. Experienced Player says:

    This game is full of paying players and the only thing free is losing, It is full of bugs and the staff never help, I suggest a better mmo.



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