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Dungeonland is a stylish and challenging multiplayer Action game richly featured with cooperative and competitive hack-n-slash. The game casts all adventurers in the titular theme park, the most dangerous ever constructed by the wicked Dungeon Maestro with the purpose of eliminating heroes once and for all.


In the hazardous yet charming land, players can start their adventure as Warrior, Mage or Rogue, each with unique skills and battle style. Players will battle a plethora of monsters, minions and bosses as they explore the exotic and dangerous places. They can travel myriads of sessions with varied terrains, enemies, traps and magical items and battle through various fatal dungeons in three distinctly themed environments from wild jungles to magical gardens and to an exotic dragon’s lair. With progression, players can level up their own heroes, learning new skills and equipping better gear to grow stronger via battles, and brace themselves up for the ever greater challenge jumping into fray with the overlord Dungeon Maestro himself.

Players can choose to run solo crawling dungeons in Dungeonland but can always get more contented experience by cooperative play with friends. By partying together players can form an all-around group with varied classes to draw upon each other’s special strength and gain more odds to harvest better drop. And players can explore the many different sessions of the theme park many times without getting bored due to the high replay value out of the random generation of monsters, traps, items and treasures every time they play.

Dungeonland also designs some competitive battles for players. With a new twist to the multiplayer challenge, it allows players to assume the role of Dungeon Maestro himself destroying their friends with the waves of minions, dark spells and release of boss monsters. With a considerate Evil Laugh design, players as the wicked overlord can create a more hair-raising atmosphere sending chills down opponents’ backbone with echoes of evil cackles.

Dungeonland offers a free-to-play version with limited game contents. For a full experience, players need to purchase it to unlock most maps. It is quite a polished brawler with crisp and colorful medieval theme park environments, dynamic & challenging hack-n-slash and cooperative & competitive multiplayer challenge.

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