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DUST 514 is an upcoming free console-based FPS exclusive to PlayStation 3 from CCP. Being an action MMO for consoles in effect, the game combines the first-person shooting with real-time strategy into unique gameplay in which players act as immortal mercenaries to battle for control of planets in the EVE Online unverse.. Not only is the mix of MMO and console is unique, it’s innovative to merge its gaming universe with that of EVE Online into one.

DUST 514

Incorporated to the player-driven MMO world of EVE Online, all the Dust 514 battlegrounds will be on the various planets as EVE Online as unique maps. Players in the spaceship-supported EVE Online and infantry-oriented DUST 514 will support each other in planetary wars: players alliances and corporations in EVE can hire DUST mercenaries in battles that can influence the player-run politics in EVE, while DUST players can draw upon the force of EVE players who can bombard the enemies from space. Backed by the vast universe and accumulated playerbase in EVE, the MMO battles – 24 vs. 24 matches in a single battle and multiple simultaneous battles on a planet – are thusly possible in the console DUST 514.

The melting of two games into one universe offers the possibility for committed payers to explore the deep of EVE universe for richer experience in DUST 514, yet it’s only a personal choice. For those unfamiliar with EVE, they can just jump into heated shooting experience augmented by the battle vehicle. The goal of the mercenary teams in DUST 514 can be quite simple: fight for the control of specific areas in planets, claim territory and the resources and wealth on it, collect resources and build increasingly powerful empires.

Beyond the basic customization in character and weapon, DUST 514 allows players to equip Dropsuits with various module slots that players can fill in with different equipment and weapons so that in-depth customization is delivered. With regards to character leveling, it depends on the skill training. It’s impossible for a player to learn all the skills that are stated by CCP to require seven years to train, which on a side note implies the high probability of creating a unique character with so many skills, especially when players are offered the great degree of freedom to do so. Besides, it includes vehicles to use in battles and various game modes to opt.

DUST 514 is also the first triple-A free-to-play FPS for console. Free download and free access to full contents. There is ISK earned by playing and there is Aurum bought through the PSN Store. Both currency are used to customize the experience. The worries and suspicion of pay-to-win? The developers promise it is not, yet the game itself will finally tell.

DUST 514 will go through several Closed Beta Test events before final launch this year. Stay tuned for more info.