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Dust Fighter is a new 3D endless runner developed by industry veteran Cybertime in collaboration with Bosch professional for the mobile devices.

Dust Fighter features child’s play-styled operation that involves just tilt & tap, but is one of the most challenging runner that puts high demand on skills and dexterity. Players in the game need to avoid dangerous obstacles such as dropping knives, nails or measuring tapes, and keep running as far as possible by using a variety of skills to gain high scores. There are numerous mission and upgrades awaiting challengers. And the most noteworthy feature of Dust Fighter lies in its real-world monthly prizes players can win by becoming a top scorer.

Dust Fighter

With simple control, intuitive design and unique real-prizes integration, Dust Fighter is one-of-a-kind above the crowd in the App store. It will be released for iOS and Android on the 25th of April.