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DV8: Exile is a brand new strategy game that has just come to the scene on Facebook. It is set in a post-apocalyptic dystopian future of DV8 and provides variety of fresh features that have never been seen in most games of this type.

DV8: Exile

DV8: Exile will impress you directly with its unique artwork when you first log in to its world. It’s a futuristic world merging mutated brute, cybernetic ninja and cyborgs together, all of which are designed as they are supposed to be. The entire world is designed with a grey tech-related background, and then with fluorescent buildings and army units, small-sized yet richly detailed, above the basic shade.

The unusual graphics and aesthetics is only a beginning of its innovation. More importantly, the game provides its own mechanics and formula in the bulk of gameplay. Of that, you will get to know from the initial tutorial.

As in most strategy titles, there is a tutorial at start that guides you through the basics including both launching attack on enemy’s base and constructing your own. Here you will learn to dispatch different units to battles, order them to attack, supply them with energy or/and ammo they need to function, and repair damaged units and structures afterwards, and so on and so forth. Of all, the “supply” or “reload” part is what makes the game so different.

There are overall 10 vibrate units players can unlock and gain in the base. Uniquely, the in-game units are designed with two slots: ammunition and energy, so that they can attack and move properly. In the midst of a battle, you need to supply both from your stocks regularly to make them function. Because of this special management system, the in-game battle turns out to be not comletely real-time but mixed with temporary turn-based periods from time to time.

During war you need to quickly reload energy and ammo to units that run out either to keep firepower and reduce casualties, as units that die in battles will remain dead. And this system meanwhile adds another layer of strategic dimension to the gameplay. You need to keep an eye for the enemy’s moves and quickly make reaction to outwit him/her, and grasp the overall situation to instruct your units reloading ammo and energy in good timing to give enemy a fatal blow while avoiding unnecessary loss of resources if possible.

Thanks to this system, the game can realize actual real-time synchronous multiplayer battles, which are not possible for most other strategy games. But DV8: Exile also offer the option of asynchronous combat: you can shift into a sentry mode with garrisoned units and traps around your base defending intruders to certain extent when you are offline.

As for the construction, it plays fairly conventional as in most games of this type. You construct various structures, train army units, and produce resources required to support war. The game follows the freemium model with major contents accessible for all players. But it’s also implemented with the hard currency system, by which paid players can gain the usual advantages from speeding up construction to instant repairing and to summoning in additional units, etc..

The social aspect of the game, though, is one spot that needs improvement. Currently, the only connection with other players is when you wage wars against them, with cooperation unavailable yet. Gladly, the developer is in the aware of that, too, and promises to add world map and quick battle facilities “soon”.

DV8: Exile is overall a satisfactory and fresh experience. Its innovative unit management system makes the in-game battle more tense and immersive unlike any other game of this type. For strategy fans it’s really worth recommendation.

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