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Earth Eternal

Earth Eternal
  • Release Date:
  • Publisher: Sparkplay Media
  • Developer: Turnout Ventures
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Official Site

Earth Eternal, a fantasy browser MMO, is missed by many. To speak of missing, you get the idea that you can’t play it now and that you can’t even find its official website or any official announcement about shut-down reason, let alone the date of re-open.

Earth Eternal

Earth Eternal was entered open beta for the first time early in Oct of 2009, and shut down with the layoff of Sparkplay Media staff in Sep. 2010 due to financial problems. Afterwards, the game was reborn as Ikimonogatari, as the Japanese developer Sankando announced to purchase the game and planned to re-launch it in Japan. Then, players in North America were able to enter the game once again in July 2011 under the same name, but once again heard the shut-down announcement on the game’s Facebook page in November of the same year.

There are quite a lot of missing-Earth-Eternal posts from players with hands-on experience with it. Predictably, the game has striking features and solid gameplay that win over hearts. It takes place in a splintered fantasy world where the human fell long ago and anthropomorphic races (animal people) wandered around to seek for adventure. In it, players will choose from four classes and twelve unique races, and develop into unique being by learning blending skills across classes. It’s full-featured with quests, dungeons, group-based raids and special Grove system to allow players to customize their own personal areas, and so on. As a web game, it has great 3D graphics on browser and optional downloadable contents.

It’s a shame that a complete title with a complex world has been shut down. Will it be opened again or turned into a bubble for good? Who knows?

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8 Comments on Earth Eternal


  1. makis1908 says:

    cool game

  2. LukeElwood says:

    shame i used to play this and i miss it sooooo bad it was a great game

  3. Aplayer says:

    This game will be sorely missed, by those of us who made great friends there, and now have no way of contacting them. It's a shame, really. But I hope it can be reopened, or another company may take over the project and complete it, as it should be.

  4. Connor says:

    Good luck EE! I'll be playing if, no, WHEN you come back up!

  5. Daemon Inu says:

    My greatest regret is I did not take screenshots of the characters I created. Rats!

    It was a fun game. The battle system was awesome interaction was pretty amazing, was able to put imagination to full use for in game play and rps there. Why oh why can’t WOW die and EE Live!?

  6. TiffanyBowman says:

    I Miss that game i used to run around yelling "DONT KILL THE NAKED PINK KITTY" awwww so much fun

  7. elsa says:

    such a shame. I MISSED IT!.



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