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Eclipse of EDEN: Official Site Open, CBT Invite in January of 2012

Dec 24,2011 by Eleanor

Eclipse of EDED, a new Japanese action MMORPG made by Gamesone, opened its (Japanese) official site just a few days ago. Meanwhile, it was announced of a scheduled closed beta test in spring of 2012, with tester sign-up starting from late January.

In terms of gameplay, it preserves the traditional MMORPG elements, yet puts fierce and diversified combat in the center. Featuring non-targeting combat and mid-air fight, it provides both novices and veterans with straight and crispy combat combining a wide range of actions. Players can not only participate in largely-scaled 100vs.100 wars, but also team up with each other taking on boss monsters in group fight.

The game is worked on especially on players’ control and top-notch action, which is intended to minimize the possible dreariness after long time’s gameplay. Moreover, when challenging dungeon bosses, players can also check out the original video that displays the duel process so as to better immerse in it.

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1 Comment on Eclipse of EDEN: Official Site Open, CBT Invite in January of 2012


  1. kiidyflow says:

    Are there any guides to be part of the close beta testing or news if the game is not implementing country restrictions.


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