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Eden Eternal is a 3D anime-styled fantasy MMORPG in which players act as a mysterious Crystal Child to explore the world and search for clues about the lost memory. Backed by such a story, players will start as a Warrior or Magician, take quests, learn skills and gradually unlock all fifteen classes that are switchable in battles. Originally a Chinese game known as ‘梦之传说’, it also has localized versions in Japan and North America. And the open beta (NA) was released in June of 2011.

Eden Eternal Review:

Not a few players are given to grimace at Free-to-play titles, especially if they are Asian imports. If you are one of them, I guess you have good reasons to whine, such as the cloning, the grinding, the bad translation and on and on, out of your experience. But experience tends to generalize and can be wrong sometimes. A ready example is Eden Eternal, a free title from Chinese developers and a great one.

You start out as a Warrior or a Magician, which can be customized with a number of choices in face, hairstyle and color for hair and eye. Also you are asked to select one starter Traits out of eight choices, which grant various bonuses, say, the agility and attack speed for the Maverick trait.

Class types are mean? Quite the contrary. The game devises a special class progression system which asks you to unlock more advanced classes as your character and class experience takes you to higher levels. For instance, you unlock the Cleric, the Hunter and the Thief at Lv. 5, 10 and 15 respectively, which serve as basics for the five archetypes listed as defense, healing, ranged DPS, melee DPS and magic DPS. Going on, you can further develop another two advanced classes for each archetype.

Each class has its specific set of skills. While they are not many for each class, but still require certain grinding if you want to level up all of the unlocked classes. If unlocked, players can freely switch between them expect in the middle of battles. Also, each class can get many special class-marking outfits after arriving at certain levels. Sure, these outfits self-exploratory of the high-level are attractive to those who haven’t got them, yet not that attractive to the owners since they don’t really make a difference in appearance of characters around the similar levels. But the unique dye system that offers different colors for outfits alleviates a bit the cloning clothing.

To level up, you turn to questing. The game’s quests system is what you play in most fantasy MMOs. You take quests from NPCs around the towns – find a certain person in a certain place to pass words, kill X amounts of mobs for some items and so on. By taking quests, you fill the gauges of XP, get coins, pick up rare drop and earn Fame (allowing you to buy exclusive rewards from the fame merchant in that area) and achievement titles (giving stat bonus rather than just being a cosmetic halo). You have auto-pathing choice during quests.

Combat comprises the bulk of gameplay. It’s fast-paced and rendered with great visual effects. If you release the power of ability, you would certainly know that from the distinct animation. Yet mind you, you can also be annoyed occasionally as the animation is broken to make you frozen in the middle of an attack. And in battles, you may find a purple gauge tagged to the enemy mobs, which is the Break-Point meter indicating the enemy’s strength. When it’s depleted, defeated mobs would drop rare loot.

You don’t have to fight alone. A pet or a soulmate? Why not both? You can have a pet and train it to be a helper in battle once reaching Lv. 25. If you like, you can develop a relationship with another player, regardless his/her in-game gender. By forming a couple, you both enjoy benefits of special lovers’ skills such as instant heal or advantage in quests. If you don’t want something that intimate and subtle, or simply avoid the possible jealousy of your better-half in real life, you can join a guild and pool your resources with other members to build a guild town. This guild town is implemented quite nice: together, you set up farms, alchemy labs, and magic pool, etc. in town, create your niche to hang out, or even build shops to trade with outsiders. Nothing particular about it, the guild town makes you feel happy working on something together with each other.

To sum up, Eden Eternal boasts stylish graphics, unique class system with diversified playstyles, fast, animated and responsive combat and various innovative systems. Going on with the pros, you may add the satisfactory translation, convenient auto-walking in quests, item shops keeping paid advantage at key and the engaging PvP. It’s not without its small issues to address, but on the whole it’s a great game offering a lot of fun.