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Edgeworld is sci-fi strategy game on Facebook that places players in the role of commanders in the intergalactic war. If you have ever played Global Warfare, it takes little effort to find the similarity in-between, save for the sci-fi wrap-up and the combat mode with some tweaks. Perhaps it’s a Kabam thing plus a strategy thing to certain extend.

You start out with a small base surrounding by inactivate wilderness in an alien planet, the abandoned home of Ceruleans which is now being claimed by Galactic Union allies to build bases for resources and research. As usual, your first series of tasks revolve adding new structures to the small base, such as the resource mines, research labs, barracks and defensive turrets.

Base-building, however, also requires certain strategy here, given the fact that enemies directly attack to damage your vital buildings in the base and they come frequently. So it’s very important to build a strong defense system, guarding your vital functional structures under the cover of turrets. Lay out your base with tactics and foil enemies’ scheme.

It takes time to gather resources, research technologies and train army, so it takes a while before the game get going. Once you have set up a powerful defense line and have a potent troop in disposal, you have probably already stepped out of the AI-only battles and gained access to other players’ base attacking to plunder resources and wrecking havocs.

Combat in the game is well-developed. It offers a wide range of military units that fit into different roles in the strategic deployment. Before you decide to pick a fight, you can firstly scout the target base to check out its defense system so that you come up with your attack plan covering the type and amount of units and suitable intrusion spot, etc.. Strategy decides. And it’s rewarding, however the result turns out, to see those little units carry out your plan in the battleground.

Edgeworld features great futuristic graphics with lots of animation. The entire ambience in the purple planet works well for the sci-fi theme; buildings in the base are animated; and the combat scene is lively and lovely.

Edgeworld doesn’t revolutionize the strategy genre with anything you haven’t seen in previous games of this category. Yet it’s really developed with strategy in mind. With the tactics’ role in defense and attack and animated and engaging combat, it’s really enjoyable.

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