Einherjar Celebrates Easter Day with New Drop Event

TIME : 27th Mar 2013 WedAUTHOR : Eleanor

Tokyo, Japan – 27 March 2013 – Appirits, a new online game developer and publisher in Japan today launches a brand new Easter Egg Drop event for their turn-based browser game, Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood from 27 March to 10 April 2013 (GMT+8).

Easter Celebration

During the aforesaid period, there are 3 types of Easter Eggs dropped from expeditionary battles. They are Yellow, Blue, and Red Easter Egg. Players’ task is to try best to collect different colored eggs during the event. And the developer notes that yellows are on most maps, blues are on less, and reds will be on only a couple of them.

After collecting those colorful Easter Eggs, players should go to the bar in Hedeby City to exchange for Easter Boxes from 3 newly-created sub-quests as below.

  1. Quest 1: 5 Yellow Easter Eggs = 1 Easter Box
  2. Quest 2: 5 Blue Easter Eggs = 2 Easter Box
  3. Quest 3: 5 Red Easter Eggs = 3 Easter Box

Easter Boxes then can be used to claim a variety of items at the Event tab inside the Production tab at the game’s main screen. There are many items presented there so it is recommended that players think carefully before using their Easter Boxes. And note that those Easter quests will be removed 1 week after the event.

By the way, to celebrate the upcoming wonderful Easter Day, the developer has decided to set drop rate and exp for expeditionary battles DOUBLED on Saturday and Sunday (30, 31 March 2013 GMT+8). Players who are interested in the turn-base genre and want to feel a bit of Easter spirit in an online game can go to Einherjar’s official site now to get more details.