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Elder Scrolls Online, if it exists, enters public views unconventionally. The MMO is exposed out of the rumor from an industry source that wishes to remain anonymous before Bethesda officially announces the first MMO based on the Elder Scrolls franchise. Moreover, according to Tom’s Guide, Bethesda will announce it in May and show it at the E3 expo in June.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Currently, all about this MMO title is inseparable with the rumor tag. The anonymous source was also quoted that Elder Scrolls Online  will feature three factions represented by Lion, Dragon and Bird of Prey and that it is set a millennium prior to the events of Skyrim. And based on it, more conjectures pile on guessing this unannounced title will set at the Second Era of Elder Scrolls lore or before any game of the series, if referred to the Elder Scrolls chronicle. Moreover, many online comments also refer to the registered elderscrollsonline.com by Bethesda and even the employment of Matt Firor with his experience on fantasy title Dark Age of Camelot. It’s partly out of gamers’ expectation for such a game based on Elder Scrolls universe. Yet, all is but a guess now with the “No Comment” response from Bethesda. Let’s wait and see.