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Eligium: The Chosen One

Eligium: The Chosen One
  • Release Date: unknown
  • Publisher: Frogster
  • Developer: Shanda Games Ltd.
  • Genre: fantasy MMO
  • Official Site

Eligium has opened its door to the Chosen ones who redeem the beta key to test the server and gaming mechanics. Since the earlier emergence at Gamescom 2011, it has been whetting our appetite revealing in-game highlights bit by bit. We do know the monk Panda (who develops strength from inner peace) with its Chinese-cultured weapon named Chi (power of life force). Though Panda stirs our curiosity, more playable elements should be there to persuade us being the Chosen One in Eligium. What does it have? Let’s piece up a potential Eligium that takes shape in news, screenshots and trailers available now.

A fantasy world split by war is where we are heading to. We are not naturally the Chosen One, rather we need to prove that, bracing challenges from strong opponents and rising up to the mission of eliminating evils once and for all. And not level-locked, the world is expansive and open, without limitation of players moving about at will.

Four races and five classes are the basis of character creation. While the Human (Warrior or Mage class), Virid (Druid class) and Elven (Hunter class) races are equally available for both genders, the most eye-catching Panda (Monk class) is only for male characters. Design of each race/class falls into the traditional tropes, and veterans can safely guess the possible combat style as well as strength and weakness in long-ranged and melee attacks. For all, Lv.15 is a turning point where everyone needs to choose between two segregated developing paths. Monk Pandas have the alternative options, either to continue horn physical strength or to alter to spiritual power pursuit, for example. Right now, only one specialization at Lv.15 for every class is revealed, Fire Breather for Monk, Paladin for Warrior, Summoner for Druid, Scout for Hunter and Ice Mage for Mage. Feel free to pick up one, for we can try the alternative if we want to by resetting the specialization.

Level-up is not difficult: taking quests by storyline and slaying monsters are the basic and primary ways to gain XP, while completing additional daily quests offers extra source to upgrade faster. Yet skills or weapons don’t totally rely on points to get better. Instead, the more they’re used, the stronger they become.

An interesting pet/mount-hatching system is included, too. We will not capture monsters and tame them into pets or mounts as in lots of MMOs; rather we have to rear them from eggs, have them hatched and train them into grown-ups. And once they reach adulthood, pets/mounts would stop learn new tricks but can still increase power through battling together with masters. Several species, real or legendary, are released now, presenting the common Wild boars, Tigers and Tortoise together with rarer Dodo mount, Nightmare (a cool horse), Elk and Awe, etc..

Battlefield is not constrained to the outside spread but reaches PvP arena. Detailed PvP modes with clear rules of how players compete against each other remain obscure. What we know now is that there will be 1vs.1 and larger scaled (up to 200 players per side, for now) Guild vs. Guild and Faction vs. Faction.

Nothing more about it right now. Follow-up will be coming.

Eligium: The Chosen One Screenshots:

NOTE: Eligium was shut down on July 17th, 2012.

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