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Embers of Caerus

Embers of Caerus
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  • Developer: Forsaken Studios
  • Genre: sandbox fantasy
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Embers of Caerus is a new sandbox fantasy MMORPG that promises to dig into the sandbox genre in depth never achieved before. It will bring a really massive (44,000 square kilometers) breathing medieval fantasy world and then offer the tools and choices for players to engage in the game however they want.

Embers of Caerus

In-game world styles low-fantasy with realistic medieval ages slightly tinged by magic and myth. It is a living and breathing world with unpredictable weather, dynamic ecology and geographically diversified climates. And more importantly, it’s a world shaped and driven by players of its politics, economy and war.

There is no class for players to fit in, nor is level to grind. The player can be a warlord expanding his territories, a ship captain exploring the seas, a tradesman running a shop, or a craftsman, an alchemist, an engineer or a jack of all trades. Following their own dent of interests, players can grow into what they want to be.

Gather and refine raw materials into high-demand goods, compete against other workshops for a good sale, and influence the market for the good or the bad to achieve your own purpose. Claim a land to build your home, start a town center to grow into a city, set and enforce laws on your land, and negotiate political agreements with allies. Business and politics are under your control.

Fight for your own reason and face the consequences. You may fight to protect your territory with the people, towns and resources on it; you may join siege wars that require consideration of realistic factors from building siege facilities like fortresses and castles to deploying army in a tactical way; and you may battle to be the overlord at sea, sailing out and turning the tide of war. Combat is skill-based; full loot comes with open PvP; and death is penalized.

The aforementioned is not all what can be expected from Embers of Caerus. An intriguing story line, a challenging magic system and player-influenced religions involving great power of deities will all be there. The extensive list of features serves a wonderful footnote for the promised depth of sandbox. Interested but with a grain of salt in its delivery of the promised? It’s justified – even the developer is caution enough to call it a vision for now (and a detailed envisioned EoC by Forsaken Studios creative director is offered in the official site).

Forsaken Studios is now putting out a kickstarter program to raise funds for the development of the game. The goal is $25,000 and over $23,000 is raised now. And in the upcoming E3 2012, Dave Belcher, one of the developer, will show up there for chats and interviews.

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