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Empire Universe III is a free-to-play browser-based multiplayer RTS online game with a sci-fi setting. Set in the vast galaxy, the game puts you into the role of Commander of a planet, tasked with the mission of constructing functional structures and leading the planet to power in your own way.

You can create your character from a wide collection of 10 races and pick a resident planet out of 19 options. Each race has its own history and strength in certain front like research, exploration or warfare, and each provides four different avatars you can choose from for your very looks. Then, you are good to go.

Empire Universe III

As in most strategy games, there is a bare land awaiting and a tutorial ready to walk you through. Unlike any, though, you will have nothing to do temporarily after you initiate the construction of an Lv.1 Research Facility, the 2nd building in your futuristic land that requires one hour to complete. So, this is it, a game that reveals its time-consuming feature quickly. From the very beginning, you can decide whether you stay or leave, for it’s a feature that won’t change for after. It’s the major reason why some players abandon it; but meanwhile it’s also the reason why many players stay with it.

Voted as the “Best Strategy Game” by GalaxyNews, Empire Universe III won’t fail you in the bulk of gameplay with its well-thought-of sci-fi elements and designs in details. Taking the time, you can access to all interstellar features you expect – train a vast army, build ships and assemble them into fleets, assign scientists to do researches, explore in the galaxy to colonize, accept quests or bounties, form diplomatic alliances, make profits by trading, battle alone or in empires with friends, collect various achievements, and edge your way into the top rankings. Whatever is your strength/way, you can have fun and become successful in the galaxy.

Empire Universe III is designed for those who just pop in giving orders within minutes or even seconds and log out every day. No quick action; nor fast progression. And it saves the fun for the patient.

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