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EndWar Online is an upcoming free-to-player browser-based Shooter, a sort-of return of Tom Clancy’s EndWar under the operation of Ubisoft. Using flash-based tech, the game brings fierce strategic competition and great 3D graphics together to the web browsers of PC and Mac.

EndWar Online

EndWar Online is set in the aftermath of the World War 3 following the original EndWar. Around the core tactics in the economic management and battle skills, it provides both fierce single-player campaigns and epic multiplayer online arena to cater to the different needs of players. There are two rival factions, high-tech European Enforcers and brutal Russia’s Spetsnaz, players can choose their sides battling in epic wars for territories, resources and power.

Players will in the game manage their Headquarters as back support and control over 80 hero units that cover both the land and air. Each unit will have its unique abilities and can be upgraded and customized by leveling up. With the large collection of units including tanks, artillery and helicopters, the possibility of tactics in the battlefield is endless.

EndWar Online is now in development at Ubisoft Shanghai and scheduled to come out before the end of this year. Closed beta registration is live now.

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