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Ention Wars is a tactical multiplayer battle game with the new Tower Offense genre opened by the megahit Clash of Clans. A traditional blend of tower defense with real-time combat, the game challenges you in competitive base defense wars.

Ention Wars puts you in the role of a new trainer of Entions, adorable yet ferocious creatures, and entrusts a defenseless base in your charge. You need to build, upgrade and defend the base of operations and build up your troops to wreck havocs on rival camps for resources, Exp and rank rewards.

Ention Wars

Build, upgrade, train, attack and defend – the established concepts are still at the core. Resources are the foundation: Gold is required in base construction while Energy is needed to train troops. And they can be gained from slow generation out of buildings/mines, quick supply of large packages as loots from battles or an instant purchase from the store. Due to the high cost of construction and training, you will find yourself in deficit regularly. Construction of a base is quite simplified down to three types of structures. Resource-related facilities aside, you just need to build training grounds, habitats and several types of Defense stations as well as walls in the land.

As you level up the central Guild Hall, you can unlock and build more of these structures and meanwhile unlock new Entions of the Main Breed. Entions are categorized into Main Breed and Sub Breed, the former being pure species while the later being combinations. Compared with the procedural activation of main breed, the 30 different sub breeds have higher activation bars in the form of specific unlocking conditions. Instead of simply leveling up Guild Hall, you perhaps need to win a PvP battle in 60s 25 times, destroy 100 walls with Psypuff, defeat 250 real players using only Aquanine, or successfully defend your base 15 times in a row in order to unlock a certain type of sub Ention.

You start with the basic Garchoals, lions spitting fire, and fight simple battles in the solo campaign for Exp and resources. Gradually you put more Entions in your troops and send them to tougher battlefields with better fortification. The tough battle can be great practice field where you learn the special abilities of each fighter and learn to work out the best defense when you are defeated. And when the initial shield is put down, you’d better brace up for the upcoming PvP battles: attack other trainers’ bases and prepare for their retribution as well.

Ention Wars offers fast-paced battles with fairly deep strategy with the wide collection of Entions. The explosive visual and audio works suitably and satisfactorily in a battle. But the game is on the whole set with a slow pace if without spending real cash. Limited workers and long completion time and high cost for construction and training restrict the development rate and promote the use and purchase of the premium Diamond. While the game generously gives a bundle of these shiny Diamonds in the beginning, there are just too many blocks that you need Diamond to overcome.

Ention Wars is a conventional tower offense game mixed with a special flavor of pet collection. It has all familiar elements expected in a game of its kind but fails to break the established patterns to be unique and so competitive in the crowded genre. Overall, it is “Just Another”.

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