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Planet Arkadia is a free-to-play sci-fi MMORPG set within Entropia Universe (EU). It is the forth planet of EU, an exciting world where players can engage in a whole range of activities established in the other three planets of the platform and take on the unique Treasure Hunting quests driven by a new storyline.

Planet Arkadia was discovered in year 3007 when humans from Earth received a signal from an ancient people on a distant world. It’s was a signal crying for help from the remaining Arkaians that had survived the onslaught of the cruel and powerful race, the Oratan. The Liberation Fleet sent by Earth’s Government was defeated, too. The colony needs help. To answer to the call, players embark on a journey and start a life of adventure in the Planet Arkadia.

Planet Arkadia

Key Features:

  • Become a Treasure Hunter, unearthing treasure with real life value and help the Archaeological Society
  • Take up various professions – hunt, mine, craft, trade, etc. – to survive the wilds
  • Explore a variety of landscapes from deserts to arctic tundra, discovering ancient ruins and encountering rare wildlife
  • Battle the relentless Oratan race revenging the ancient Arkaians and eliminating threat to the human colony
  • Accept and complete various missions while becoming part of the legend
  • Make profits as a successful entrepreneur in the virtual world with real cash economy

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