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Eredan iTCG

Eredan iTCG
  • Release Date: July 2012
  • Publisher: Travian Games
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Trading Card Game
  • Official Site

Eredan iTCG is a browser-based classic trading card game revolving the warfare theme. Set in the dark medieval background, the game presents a chaotic world that calls upon ultimate heroes. With over 700 cards available right now and more to come, players can expect to play to heart’s contend the strategic and tactic battle. Every hero card has its own race, class and chosen guild attached to the character. And players can really have a fine deck of cards, with 10 races, 5 classes and 7 guilds on the list. Thanks to the in-depth and intriguing design of card attributes, players can join matches or duel with other players, collecting more decks and winning trophies. Besides, players can always customize collected cards with special bonus stats, trade them for finer collections, or create their own handfuls of magic decks. But the gaming rhythm is a little bit slow and its relatively basic mechanics is not enough to meet TCG veterans’ needs.


Eredan iTCG Review:

Eredan iTCG is a free browser-based 2D online trading card game that places you into the role of a young warrior in the medieval age. There you are Lucyan who starts the adventure to see the flatlands where a stone has fallen from the sky and need to defeat whoever blocks your way by playing your decks in hand wisely.

Against the simple story, the game leads you into the informative tutorial which illustrates the basic mechanics in an explanation-and-experiment formula. As in most card games, it is simple to pick up, and gradually reveals the strategic side as you grow stronger to handle more decks and more diversified cards. In the tutorial, you will get to know cards first. Each card is designed with several basic attributes, covering Spirit, min/max Attack, Defense and Health. In battles, physical and magical damage will lead to the loss of Health points in certain number depending on the values of each card against that of the opponent. And not only will different card types such as Character, Item and Spell influence the result of a battle, so are the various tag-in bonus designs such as Order (like Turn 2 and 4 with one more attack) and Chain (i.e. ability of playing one more card in one turn).

Simply put, the turn-based battle goes on like this: You have 3 character cards and at least 20 cards to make a deck, so do your opponent. Once a game starts, you first select your character and one of the opponent’s, then deploy one or two cards (if there is a Chain bonus) from the five cards in hand, and then wait your opponent to play his/her cards. Then the battle begins with a little animation, and ends with two sides losing Health based on the basic values of stats and bonuses of cards played in the field. While a round of battle is over, you need to discard at least one card in your hands while drawing new cards in your deck to fill in the blackness; and it’s the same with your opponents. Then it’s another turn. The battle continues with repeated sessions until one side wins by eliminating the opponent’s all three characters while he/she has at least one live. And if both sides all lose three characters in the end, whoever gains the higher points scored by damage will be the winner.

Lobby-based, the game is all around PvP duels. And as you battle on, your cards will grow to be more powerful, with basic attribute stats increasing. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to buy new cards, decks or boosters, though. You entering pack only consists of basic cards with less bonuses, which stand scarce chance when you chance upon an opponent with a good hand and a good deck. There are many, many more cards, designed with 10 races and 4 guilds, which need to be gained to usher in the strategy to a match.

You are given 1,200 crystals for free to start the game, which is just enough to buy the cheapest deck. With all you have in hand, you can go on and rely on your skills to win your following cards. All boosters, however, are premium, exclusive to paid players. Besides the cash shop, there is also a market where you can buy or sell cards trading with other players.

Eredan iTCG doesn’t stand out in its artwork in terms of card designs and graphics; nor does it provide anything innovative to the trading card genre. Yet, it offers simple but fair gameplay which players can enjoy in short sessions.

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