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Evil Genius Online is a free-to-play super-villain themed Simulation game from the award-winning veteran game developers that created the Sniper Elite series and Aliens vs. Predator. As the successor to Evil Genius, the game maintains the world domination element and villain humor of the original and creates a unique browser-based simulator with sci-fi style graphics and solid nefarious deeds-featured contents.

You become a rising wicked genius in the game who is ambitious to become the most notorious criminal minds in the world. Starting from an abandoned government silo, you recruit minions to do the dirty work for you and take steps to create your highly advanced underground lairs. While the starting base is small and barely furnished, you will soon blast into new territories with the extension of your power and fill your realm with high-tech equipment and expensive furniture.

Evil Genius Online

In Evil Genius Online you will build your base of operation from ground up. clean the scattered garbage to gain space and useful items occasionally, purchase a wild variety of facilities from the marketplace, build, upgrade and fully exploit the different structures and equipment and so on and so forth – an evil genius as you are, you certainly just give orders and then supervise your army of minions to carry your evil plans out. You only have limited minions working for you, so it takes quite a long time before you can realize your ambition of ruling the world. Limited workers and time-consuming projects make the development a slow procession.

Evil Genius Online is built on the established concepts of a simulator – purchase, build, collect, upgrade, craft, clean and decorate. You will manage the economy to make the balance of earning and spending coins while getting various quests completed. The quest line offers certain guidance reminding you to get the required facilities and carry out evil plans like hacking a celebrity or a Politian, hampering a prosperous company with a chaotic server jam or terrifying the city with a sudden blackout. You will have endless wicked tasks to take and complete only when you have installed the diverse and savvy furniture or equipment in your base.

In Evil Genius Online you will build a rich variety of facilities from the basic money launderers and date stealers to the expensive electronics assemblers and centrifuge to the dream time machine and super computer. All these furniture are useful to fulfill the diverse assignments, generate resources, complete specific operations or craft super powerful items and tools. You can freely decide their location and the overall layout but within a special room-based restriction. Unlike most simulation games, you need to first lay the different tiles to create different rooms – corridor, control room, barracks, tech lab, chemical lab, strong room, mess hall and inner sanctum – before you can place the different furniture into the right tiles. You can freely draw out the room shapes laying down the tiles in any size but need to place the furniture in the right type. Moreover, there are many unique decorations from shark’s head and bear rug to the paints of Maximilian or Belgian and lava lamp in the store that can be purchased and placed to add more super villain atmosphere.

With progression you can upgrade your existing furniture as well as minions to higher level for greater use and unlock more facilities in the marketplace. On the diverse facilities, you can either collect different resources and materials or use special items to perform the different operations. You will need really a lot of items plus coins to carry out evil plans and you can but gain many items from crafting. Some items can be gained with one step while others are created with a more complicate procedure. To make a Motherboard you need a few circuit boards, couples of microchips and an electronic blueprint, for instance, and the three types of ingredients can only be gained from circuit board creator, lower-level crafting and assignment completion at Researchinator respectively.

Evil Genius Online integrates a fair dose of social elements in the gameplay. You need friends’ help for continuous development for many of the in-game materials can be only obtained by asking friends if not purchased for Diamond, the in-game hard currency that offer a faster and easier way of lair development. You can invite friends to join your Evil Syndicate, visiting their lairs to release your dose of evil from their facilities or steal resources from rivals. Currently in beta, Evil Genius Online is still worked on to bring more features into board – Global Domination is one of them, labeled “coming soon”.

Overall, Evil Genius Online is a rich and solid simulation game with a special super-villain theme. It has loads of evil missions to carry out, polished futuristic art style and excellent sound tracks. The distinct theme aside, it is conventional in the core featuring a variety of facilities and a slow and open-end lair building process. Compared with its contenders, it seems to incorporate more social interaction. But that can’t be confirmed until the global domination is unveiled and the game is officially launched. From what we see now it is safe to say that Evil Genius Online exploits the its franchise well and features rich contents.

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