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A new successor to Evil Genius out early in 2004 is coming on the way. That is dubbed as Evil Genius Online, a brand new free-to-play simulation game scheduled to launch on Zynga.com and Facebook simultaneously in 2013.

According to the official description, the game features “cutting-edge browser technology” and stays true to the original in its “rewarding world domination simulation and super-villain humour”. Players in the game will be able to construct sprawling underground lairs, launch nefarious deeds worldwide and try to become the most notorious criminal the world has never known before. Since it is launching on one of the largest social platform, social elements will naturally be integrated in the game. Spy on opponents’ bases, bribe other villains for powerful items in their bid, and perhaps scratch each other’s back to seek for world domination.

Evil Genius Online is created by the award-winning indie development team Rebellion behind hit video games like the Sniper Elite series and Aliens vs. Predator.

A closed beta registration invite was posted on the developer Facebook page. And it has recruited to the full now. It seems that many players can’t wait to unleash their dark and genius side!

Update: Evil Genius Online now enters Open Beta and can be played on Facebook. Read our Evil Genius Online Review to learn more about this simulation game.