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Extraction is an upcoming free-to-play FPS with fierce multiplayer competition. The game is set in the London streets where players as mercenaries will fight hard battles against each for benefits and reputation.


Players in Extraction can choose from a large pool of strong mercenaries, each with its own unique battle style and abilities. To start, players can become a combat medic able of reviving teammates with its med packs, a long range hunter skillful with its sniper rifle to cover others, or a close-quarters engineer specialized in hacking and disarming enemies. Further on, they can unlock the fire support master of air strikes and ammunition re-supplies, the frontline hitting man equipped with machine guns, and many more types in the ever-expanding mercs list. With the many choices, players can pick their favorite, horn the battle skills and cooperate with teammates to conquer one battlefield after another.

Extraction is currently in development at Splash Damage, the creator behind Batman Arkham Origins multiplayer and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and will be released in selected countries in NA, EU and Oceania by Nexon soon.