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Face of Mankind: Fall of the Dominion is a new milestone-setting sandbox MMO with cyberpunk themes and hardcore player-driven experience. It creates an immersive yet dangerous world ruled by the harsh realities of human nature.

All around players and their interactions, the game offers great freedom for players to define and express themselves by their characters and make decisions that matter and influence the world. Whether they want to become a business tycoon, a lethal killer, a notorious criminal or a powerful faction leader, players can pursue their way of destiny. Starting from scratch, players need to fight for everything and fight harder to maintain them. In-game combat is a combination of Third-person Shooter with open PvP and full loot drops upon death. That means, a player can be killed anywhere, for any reason, by anyone, losing everything. Security is like an expensive service that has to be purchased at a cost. But killing has its own consequences.

Face of Mankind

Players in the game are able to own and build apartments, numerous types of apartments from rat holes to luxury penthouses with varying tiers of customization such as furniture and other upgrades. Homes can serve a variety of purposes – a place for tasks such as parties and tactical meetings or a shelter where players can relax and keep their belongings. Interestingly, these apartments can be broken into by thieves who can steal items from the owner, carry them around for a wile and launder them when the time comes.

Crime plays its role in the game; prison, too. In the harsh world, players may rise to fame or fall into darkness, or enjoy both at once. You can do something wrong for any reason, but you need to prepare for the consequences – others can place a prince on your head by the Bounty system, and have you arrested and thrown into prison until the service is due. If players have the power or influence, they can try breaking out of jail with the assistance from allies or minions – it’s all up to players and their decisions.

As an iconic feature in Sandbox titles, economy is completely player-driven with items made and traded by players. Crafting is one pillar of the gameplay. Get specialized tools to mine and manufacture complex items by many layers of production. And factions will play its important role in creating a living and intricate economy and almost every other front in the galactic. Players can create their own faction, capture territories, and seek for domination of the universe. With different territories under control, the faction can pull different strings and expand their influence. For instance, there will be capturable prison territories, the owning factions of which have the ability to arrest through combat and earn the bounty; while the factions that own business territories will be able to levy taxes, raise the costs to raging degree, or even gain a monopoly over certain materials or key areas.

Face of Mankind: Fall of the Dominion is being developed by Nexeon Technoligies under the above mentioned concepts. To realize the great ideas and even bring more extensive changes, the developer is running a Kickstarter campaign that was launched on May 7th and is ending on June 6th, 2013. At its first day of launch, the project got about $6,000. If you love its basic concepts, you can show your support.