Facebook’s Games of the Year 2013 List is Revealed

TIME : 09th Dec 2013 MonAUTHOR : Eleanor

Facebook today unveils its Games of the Year 2013 list, showcasing the best games on the platform, chosen based on user ratings, growth, Facebook implementation and overall quality.  A total of 23 games are on the list showcaseing strong European development, cross-platform growth and a rise of core games:

  • 10 come from studios based in Europe or the Middle East
  • 8 are cross-platform, integrating with Facebook on web and mobile
  • 8 were developed by indie studios
  • 7 are mid or hardcore games
  • 5 are arcade games
  • 5 are casino or slots games

In this year’s list, Facebook selected one single winner Criminal Case as “Game of the Year 2013” and another 12 games of many genres unranked as the “Best New Games of 2013”, introduced a “Staff Favorites” category to share some of the games most played around their offices, and erected the “2013 Hall of Fame” for the games that launched earlier than 2013 but continue to be immensely popular with Facebook gamers.  The List is as such:

Criminal Case

Game of the Year 2013:

  • Criminal Case

Best New Games of 2013:

Staff Favorites:

2013 Hall of Fame

If you haven’t played a game on Facebook in a while, I recommend you check out a few of the games in the list. It’s not the old days of social gaming anymore, and there’s a lot to like… even for “core” gamers.

Read the full developer blog here.