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Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth
  • Release Date: 2011 (Free-to-play)
  • Publisher: GamersFirst
  • Developer: Reloaded Games
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Official Site

Fallen Earth is a great free-to-play MMORPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. A full-priced product at launch initially, the game changed to free-to-play in 2011 under the operation of GamersFirst. The game is fully-featured with its evolving story arch, FPS-style combat, integral crafting, diversified PvP battles, heavyweight factional play and a vast world, which combine to make an immersive and enjoyable experience.

Fallen Earth

As the title indicates, the game takes place in a fallen earth caused by a deadly virus and nuclear war, where ninety-nine percent of the population died in the calamities. Players in the game are the few survivors of the Fall, but faced with the greater challenges from the state of anarchy, the mutated critters and the harsh environment itself. Adventure starts around the Grand Canyon, whose terrain covering 1,000 square kilometers is based on real-world topographical maps, known as the only zone with existing humanity other than the Hoover Dam Garrison. From there, players will enter a world of brown and grey, fighting and crafting for survival.

There are not preset classes that restrain a character’s development. Though players start by selecting their supposed play style from fighting, crafting or support, they will eventually get to experience all of them as they make progress through levels and gain access to sectors for the high-level gamers. Quests are numerous and rewarding by giving players Advancement Points (APs), which can be used to enhance attributes like strength and intelligence, nine different skills and three general categories of Mutation (similar to skill trees that boost performance in specific ways).

New to the traditional MMOs, the in-game combat is fought in a First-person Shooter format, without the target-locking feature but requiring manual target and constant alternation between third and first person perspective. Damage can be dealt in three main methods based on the range of weapons from melee to medium to the ranged. Following the story-driven quest chain, players will fight many battles for resources or any other reason against the mutated monsters, bandits and gangsters, etc. in the wilderness. And there are also varying type of player conflicts – join the Blood Sports and show your combat prowess in four classic arena-based PvP modes including Deathmatch, Survival, Assault and Capture-the-Flag. Starting as a neutral survivor, the player can continue its solitary journey amongst the six competing factions or reach out getting closer to the central storm by joining one of them. It’s another way to participate in PvP, a large-scale way for groups to fight all-out six-way showdown over the different advantage-bestowing points and keeps inside the Territory Control warfare.

Against the survival theme, crafting is as important and suitable as combat in the apocalypse, as players salvage a wild collection of materials and make important and valuable objects from weapons and portions to consumables and vehicle according to the skill books and recipes.

Fallen Earth is a great independent MMORPG with a post-apocalyptic setting. It has its shortcomings in its slightly awkward graphics and some bugs at times, but on the whole it is an addictive game with its own flavor unique in the MMO world. “A hidden gem” deserving more credits – so commented by many players.

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