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Fallen World is a new exciting action online game for single players to fight in fierce battles. Hybrid it is, the game combines the action RPG with tower defense mechanics, and brings a fast-paced hack-n-slash experience for endless fun.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world under the iron heel of robots. In the war between humans and machines, mankind doesn’t stand much chance if without you, a Cyborg Ninja who takes side with humans and fight for what’s left of the fallen world. As the human’s last defense and only hope, you will battle against overwhelming robots to protect the few survivors and end the war once and for all.

Fallen World

Fallen World is currently under development. But it offers an alpha demo for you to get hands-on with it for the basic ideas. In the alpha, you are tasked with the mission of defending a girl from waves of assaulting machines that envelope you from all directions.

With simple mouse control, you control your Ninja character to slide over the screen slashing robots to force them backward and then kill them with another hack. With kills you can activate a tail-like blue ball, allowing you to summon and position army units (by a simple click) who will auto-attack killing machines within range. The cool part is the simultaneous and impromptu summoning of units in the midst of your action. As you get stronger defense, hostile robots also attack harder in waves with brand new species in. And they are really rich in variety – some walk, some crawl and some jump; some spit fire, some generate electric and some use sword.

The girl in protection can’t move and is armless except for the flaming ring around her. The flame is initially blue, turns to yellow then red when the girl is attacked, and finally blasts to kill all surrounding enemies at last to disappear. And the goal is to keep the girl alive after the three waves of attack from a variety of machines. If you win, you get rewards for level-up and unlock the next stage.

By the alpha demo, you won’t know the detailed systems regarding character customization or the back story, but you will definitely get a direct and favorable impression about its fast hack-and-slash, special tower-defense seamlessly fused into the RPG mechanics. If you are interested, you can get a 5 minutes’ try.

Fallen World is slated to release on the Web in May of 2013, with other platforms undecided yet.

Game Features:

  • Story Driven, Fast Hack-n-Slash / Action-RPG Gameplay, with Anime Inspired Visuals;
  • A Unique Mouse Control System;
  • Various Robot Enemies to Face Off;
  • Unique Challenging Levels;
  • Dynamic Enemy Wave System;
  • Upgradable Skills, Defense Units, and Character Development;
  • All powered by Unity 3D Technology.

Fallen World Demo Screenshots: