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Fantasy Garden

Fantasy Garden
  • Release Date: Sept. 2013
  • Publisher:
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Simulation
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Fantasy Garden is a casual and social simulation game newly released on Facebook by 6waves, one of the leading casual game publishers that brought a similarly fantasy-themed simulator named Forbidden Garden earlier. In this new title, it leads players into their dreams filled by dense woods, varied forest creatures as helping hands and fabulous buildings with magic. Live your dream and make it beautiful and vigorous!

In Fantasy Garden you take a journey in dreams, dreams about living in a wood. Straight to work, you will start laboring happily in the wonder land to liven it. Chop down trees, gather grasses, hack stones, plant crops, collect waters from wells, and so on and so forth – you need stock various materials from the barks of the dried trees to the needle branches from Spruce that will be used widely in the future construction and crafting.

Fantasy Garden

In the woods, you can build a variety of buildings from the coin-generating huts and houses to the production-based commercial structures like bars, mines, farms, smithy and pathfinder, etc.. Different buildings, once built, will either offer coins or bonus stuff, but the construction of them take time, energy, materials and friends’ participation. In construction of a building, it usually concludes more than two procedures in which you need to get the increasingly complex materials and hire friends to complete the final stage. So it is a game that makes it clear early that you need friends to continue your sweet dream, not only in construction but also in crafting.

Crafting is another important element of the gameplay. In the repaired kitchen, you will need to craft a collection of 24 (for now) items – the hay, fruit salad, roasted coffee, raisins, green teas, etc. – by the recipe unlocked with level-up. While some items can be crafted using basic raw materials, some others need crafted materials plus sugar, which can be gained only as free gift from friends.

How can it be a wonderful wood without living creatures? While you can place jam jar to lure bears out and make them stay and become your workers by feeding them spoonful of jams, you can also get several different animals like pigs, squirrels and dragons in your land, too. To do that, you can just spend some coins to purchase a fantasy bubble and “summon” a creature out of it by infusing a corresponding amount of Fantasy (equivalent to the usual Energy bar in other games). In return, they will produce coins and some special items like fire from dragons and corns from hamsters regularly during the period they stay in the wood.

Fantasy Garden is designed in a colorful and bright tone and rendered the graphics and animation quiet lively and cute. With the light background music, it presents a land just like in a dream. While every element is well integrated to make a solid simulation game, it still lacks the very spices, something fresh and creative, to make it surpass the existing large crowds of contenders in the market.

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  1. Kim says:

    What is the name of the music played during this game?



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