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Fantasy Rivals

Fantasy Rivals
  • Release Date:
  • Publisher: Boostr
  • Developer: Boostr
  • Genre: CCG
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Boostr, the developer of the popular Urban Rivals, brings us another free-to-play browser-based Collectible Card Game (CCG) called Fantasy Rivals. This time, the devs shift their inspiration from the mundane world into fantasy and lead us into a universe with heroes, monsters and magic. The audio and visual effect changes; the original tactical immersive card battle remains.

Fantasy Rivals follows the good tradition of stylish card designs and a decent tutorial that will not only acquaint you with the basic rules but also offer the initial collection of cards for normal battles after. Every Hero/card has the basic attack value and usually possesses an ability and/or a bonus. The essence is to have an attack value higher than its opponents during one round – use Mana to boosting the attack value, activate the bonuses if possible and wisely choose Heroes based on their abilities in response to the enemy’s play – so that you can deal damage to the opponent. Both you and your opponent start with 15 life points; if you have more left than him/her at the end of the game, you win.

Fantasy Rivals

The tutorial rewards you 12 cards to start off with. You need to pick 8 Heroes from what you have to fight a normal battle. To play a match, you will be auto paired with a “fair” opponent via the matchmaking system. A fight always begins with a hero in play and two Heroes in your hand, which creates a space for strategic calculation. Attack equals power time Mana. In each round, both sides can use Mana (limited in amount and basically equal for both sides) to boost their own Hero’s basic attack value; and the amount of Mana used by each remains a secret until the fight between the heroes actually begins. So bluffing is a big part of the game. To use limited Mana in the first rounds or save it for a final fatal blow or distribute it with balance? It’s decided by personal play style, or a temporary whim or a specific card that shows up in hand.

The variety in Heroes’ abilities and bonuses on the basis of power and Mana is another factor that makes the game tactical and immersive. In addition to the basic attack and defense, you will have many special tricks in hand that may recover a life for you in defeat, deal 2 extra damage on opponent in victory, reduce one Opp Mana, revenge with eye-for-eye, or even remove all opponent Heroes’ bonuses. Take the best of what you have and you can come up with unexpected strategies. When the opponent plays to the field a powerful card you can but almost use up your Mana to beat, why not pick up that timely hero weak in attack but able to revive one life in defeat  to easily lose and save the Mana to revenge in next round?

You can play three game modes, Training, League and Classic, all PvP-oriented. Training is the basic mode and the only one you can jump into in the beginning, while the other two is basically the same with slight difference respectively. Classic mode adds timers in the process of hero selection and mana-distribution; and the League has timers and rankings. Win, lose or draw – whatever is the result, you can get rewards of XP and Gems. Of course, the winner gets more. And Gems are for card evolution. You can level up your cards using Gems, boosting the base stats and changing the card image and abilities and bonuses.

Play and evolve. Fun never fades.

Note: Fantasy Rivals is now available on PC, with iOS and Android versions coming soon. And it is releasing the Darkness Extension on the 12th of April. Prepare to take on the hungry Psonn.

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1 Comment on Fantasy Rivals


  1. Nico says:

    So it's the same game with different graphics and less players … Why should we play it then ?
    I think they should have tried a different gameplay, Urban Rivals is really old now and this new game isn't going to fresh things up.


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