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Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga
  • Release Date: March, 2013
  • Publisher: King
  • Developer:
  • Genre: puzzle
  • Official Site

Farm Heroes Saga is one of the latest entrants of King’s Saga series that already include popular puzzlers like Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga and Bubble Witch Saga. In this new match-3 online game, players will help farm animals drive away Rancid the raccoon while traveling from farm to farm.

Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga is entirely designed with an idyllic ambience that is usually seen in love-and-friendship themed cartoons. No matter it is the lovely overview map, cute NPCs or the animated tiles on the match-3 board, everything in the game creates a relaxing, pleasant atmosphere where players can play a few quick matches in their own tempo.

The game is really simple to pick up but has a learning curve that will drains up all five free lives in time. Players need to switch tiles and make matches to achieve the specific goals of a match, which usually contain 100% growth (equivalent to one star) and collecting x amount of required resources like suns, strawberries, apples, etc.. In certain level, players will be challenged to score all 3 stars to recruit up to three animals that can be collected in their own Farm Club. That is special, but doesn’t seem to bear any influence on the bulk of gameplay though.

Players can earn Magic Beans when they successfully pass a level, which can in turn be used to purchase many things from extra damage to the bad raccoon to a variety of boosters. Players will unlock boosters one after one at certain levels and use them for specific advantages. The Shovel can dig up a single element on the board, for example, while the Tractor drives over a row, removing all the elements in its path. Boosters can be used again when they’ve finished recharging, with the always available direct recharge with Gold, the hard currency.

Farm Heroes Saga doesn’t innovate in the core concept of a match-3 puzzler, but does a good job in its graphics, animation and additions of new types of tiles on the board. The in-game tiles, or resources in the game, are lively and pretty – watery-eyed onions, smiley suns, scared droplets and placid round apples, etc.. And there is the special shy Flowers, which hide under leaves and need some encourage to grow – players need to match matches next to them to help them bloom. As they climb over the winding level path, players will encounter more challenging matches while enjoying the pleasant surprise of new resources to collect.

In conclusion, Farm Heroes Saga is conventional and solid in the core, with a unique aesthetics to set it apart from the crowd. It’s a pleasant experience as you help those cute farm animals to beta the raccoon.

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29 Comments on Farm Heroes Saga


  1. blanca says:

    estoy en el nivel 52 hace 15 días y no puedo pasar

  2. AlexDemark says:

    It is incredible difficult to pass levels… I gave up!

  3. Betty says:


  4. christine mohamedali says:

    iam trying to play farm heros saga but i got another person game can you help…

  5. Dan Nolan says:

    Id like to know how to cross that broken down bridge………..no explanation anywhere….and I am not using my credit card for buying anything…………..dpn

  6. karen borocki fronek says:

    Add me as a FB friend for Farm Heroes Saga.

  7. Gen says:

    You have to spend money to get past some of the blocks or give up. The prices go up each time. It is a rip off! They should make the game available for purchase.

  8. jenjen13 says:

    why dont all of you add each other and then you can help each other out with problems..like karen borocki fronek said!!!

  9. Patricia Taylor says:

    I cannot get the game to load–i can send gifts and receive, but when i attempt to play, it just says loading. What can i do?

  10. Phyllis says:

    Is there something wrong with farm hero saga,can not get it to show up on facebook,I am on level 67 and it will not log on Facebook. HELP…..

  11. Debra Gragnaniello says:

    it shows i passed level 36 but it did not advance me it show on the home page and on the game when i was playing now it wants me to redo it like i didnt win so can you help me please thank you Debra

  12. Eleanor Kahlowsky says:

    It is impossible to complete the higher levels without purchasing boosters. I am on 78 in Farm Heroes and you should really not say the games are FREE. I used all my boosters that I had over the months but cannot leave that level.

  13. Crystal says:

    What triggers the brown onion to change squares to green grass….One person said switch with a water and that is not correct

  14. haykay says:

    i am o level 279 never purchased any extra anything is the end of the board 300?

  15. queenie says:

    level 185 is the shittiest level. sick and tired of playing; no way to get it going.

  16. Barbara says:

    How do I get past the road block at level 55?HELP PLEASE?

  17. t lage says:

    I had two friends help on a road block I needed one more. Went to play the next day and my 2 helps were gone. That's BS.

  18. Tania says:

    Can someone help me get past level 91, have used all my magic beans ad still couldnt get it even on the easy level, have been trying for days,just about to give up, thanks

  19. carol says:

    How do you retrieve the animals and use them

  20. Sherry says:

    I can not use magic beans why

  21. Kathy says:

    I would also like to know what triggers the brown onions! Have had some work but only by accident and I don't know what i did.

  22. Sandra says:

    Why does my score not show up on the scoreboard? My score is the highest but I can't see it.

  23. Jay Atkins says:

    I have been playing far heros sage for a while know never had any problem, all of a sudden it comes up big orange king then loads then the game for 5second and the screen goes black. All other king games works fine. I'm a sick old lady and this game gives me enjoyment please fix it

  24. mary says:

    Why when I go on to the next level I loose so many of my beans without using them on my own, They have disappeared when I start the next game. Why?



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