Fields of War



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Fields of War is a new action-packed Third-person Shooter MMO designed for the Windows, Linux and Mac systems. The game features massively multiplayer combat and supports seamless cross-platform play in a large persistent world with dynamic light-night cycle.

Fields of War

Fields of War stars Mech fighters and provides 5 distinct classes, each unique in its battle style and abilities. Players can choose to fight as a slow but powerful Artillery mech, a rockets-equipping Demonition mech, a scouting and assassin Infiltrator mech, a versatile Engineer mech or the heaviest and slowest Tank mech. Each mech is different from others in terms of skills and can be made more special with the many customizable skins and colors.

Players in the game choose one of the two rival factions, North and South, to join and battle for the control of the entire land. They will battle against enemies from the other faction in large-scale battles that can accommodate a maximum of 200 players at once. And in the epic 100 vs. 100 warfare, when some players go offline AI bots will automatically fill the absence to ensure the fierceness and intensity of the battle. Team-based strategy, territory control, skill upgrades – all the established concepts of a TPS MMO are available.

Fields of War is a fully priced game and can be purchased for $ 14.99 USD or equivalent price.