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Final Eden

Final Eden
  • Release Date: Feb, 2012
  • Publisher: Kabam Game
  • Developer: Kabam Game
  • Genre: Real-time Strategy
  • Official Site

Final Eden is a brand-new browser-based strategy MMO from Kabam Game set in the post-apocalyptic world after Dec. 21st, 2012. The game is set in 2040 when some of the survivors try to rebuild the civilization while others take what they want at gunpoint in the state of anarchy. In it, players act as the tribal chief will build their base on the ruins, defend it from three major bandit gangs as well as scavenging renegades for resources with defensive units, build up strong army to conquer the wild and deter opponents, and reclaim the world of Final Eden. Besides, the game also incorporates the resource management, research, clan and alliance. Overall, it takes on a disastrous setting and renders strategy mainstays in a standard fashion. Will you be able to defend civilization from destruction? Test your mettle in Final Eden!

Final Eden

Final Eden Review:

Nibiru Comet smashed into Earth to wreck the planet into debris. Millions are killed by shockwave, solar radiation, famine or exposure, leaving a few survivors. You are one of them, an important one who shoulders the mission to rebuild and reclaim the world. Final Eden starts thereby.

The post-apocalyptic background sets the keynote for how all elements are registered. Your base locates an empty plot exposing to possible attacks from all directions; all construction, research and recruitment rely on resources of steel, coal, fuel and food; and in-game NPCs and trained units such as the Mean Streaks on motorcycle resemble characters you see in survival horror movies like Resident Evil series.

Tutorial is implemented to help get the hang of the basics, and then the quest line takes over to offer certain guide. It doesn’t follow the build-and-battle sequence; instead, its quest line alternates in-between allowing you to stay in base for a while (to build, upgrade, research and train) and practice the deployment of armies in battles (PvE) against the three major gangs, Gorehounds, the Furies, and the Warheads. It doesn’t work if you only follow the quest line – you may quickly sail through to Lv.8 with your base remaining in Lv.2. Don’t worry though even if you are new to strategy games, for you can quickly figure out what you need to do from those quests you are temporarily unable to finish.

In the base, you just build and upgrade functional structures categorized in three aspects, Resource (5 building types), Defense (4) and Combat (4). As you level up the base, the maximum number of each building type will increase as well. Meet the requirement in level and resource to build, upgrade, research and train. Yet with regards to the defensive units, it also concerns the placement and attack ranges to make the most of each unit. It takes time to build up the base and army, but the pace is well-set so that you don’t have the grinding feeling, nor do you get everything too easy to cherish.

Combat is animated and takes place directly on the base under attack. Combat begins from PvE where you battle gangs’ low-level base with loose defense power. You don’t need to plan in the beginning, since you only have one or two types of basic units at disposal and the enemy base is not that powerful with only two or three turrets. Just send meat streaks. Battles won’t stay easy, and the challenging and interesting part comes to play when you have an array of different units and vehicles to take on better defended bases belonging to gangs or other players. And enemies may escalate into feuds in the game of revenge where defense, repair and attack become the daily life. To certain extent, the game lacks a sense of direction and a good reason for combat apart from an eye for an eye.

Final Eden doesn’t provide anything new. It’s another standard strategy game wrapped up with a post-apocalyptic setting, familiar and comfortable for strategy fans.

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