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Fish Epic

Fish Epic
  • Release Date: Dec. 2013
  • Publisher: 6waves
  • Developer: 6waves
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Official Site

Fish Epic is a free and fun match-3 puzzle game from the leading social game creator 6waves. As the latest installment in 6waves’ ‘Epic’ franchise including Bubble Epic, Treasure Epic, Wonderland Epic and Mystery Epic, the new puzzler is a new exploration in the popular and crowded match-three genre leading players into a foaming journey in search for the legendary city of flying fish!

Fish Epic

Fish Epic is built on the classic swap-and-match pattern of the match-3 games. On the differently shaped boards, you need to switch fish to match three or more species of the same color to pop them away gaining scores and stars towards the level goal. The level goal remains the same (except the last stage of every regional map) throughout the entire play: collect required fish and special livings like carol, turtle and clam within available moves. That doesn’t mean the gameplay is lack of variety, however. The ever different board shape, the newly appearing special livings and obstacles and the many different boosters all combine to make every match a unique challenge and present a learning curve with progressively increasing difficulty.

The basics of Fish Epic is what you know very well. Match a minimum of three fish to pop and make bigger matches to create several different rockets that clear at least one row. Moreover, you can make mines by combo for a real blast. If you can continuously pop away the fish in the color of last match, you create combo and so mines that blast to clear an area of fish helpful in collection of fish swamp. When you complete the game goal and still have spare moves, they will be turned into rockets to give you a boost in the score.

Besides rockets and mines, there are a variety of boosters that can be unlocked with progression. At certain level you activate extra moves, trident to clear a space of any obstacles, rainbow spray to change the color of 8 fish to the color of your last match, shell snack to remove all turtles and clams on the board, color net to catch all fish of a chosen color and so on. You have three free supplies of each power-up items after unlocking them and can purchase more for earned coins or real cash when the free trials run out.

Fish Epic is a world of beauty filled by colorful bubbles and cute fish. Currently, it includes 8 maps that vary from one another in the background graphics and special obstacles. As you start the journey from the sky dock, you can travel your way through shellbyville, pirate’s hideout and octovine jungle, etc. meeting new livings like carol, turtle and clam. It is designed with great details and animation in terms of obstacles. Matching fish next to a turtle will lure him out of his shell first and a second match allows you catch him; and making matches around the clam several times to see it open up showing its pearl inside.

The last stage of every map is a special boss fight similar to that in Monster Busters. You need to beat the seahorse, crab, octopus and other creatures in the center of the board by reducing their health to zero via making matches next to them. Booster work as effectively against them, too. Bosses will cause trouble as well. During a match they will turn some fish into obstacles from time to time to baffle your match.

Fish Epic can be played completely for free. To show support while gaining certain advantages, you can purchase the hard currency for real cash and use it in multiple aspects for an enhanced experience. With hard currency, you can extend the life slot or refill lives to full, purchase chips to spin on the roulette for a chance of gaining the premium currency, buy exclusive power-ups like the eternal big mine that lets you start off with a big mine on every level forever, or get extra moves to turn around the table.

A world of color and cuteness, a game of immersion and fun. Fish Epic does not revolutionize the match-3 genre but follows the established structure seen in many of its contenders. But with its stylish artwork and solid gameplay, it is a quality creation above the average.

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