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  • Release Date: 2013
  • Publisher: GamoVation
  • Developer: GamoVation
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Official Site

FISHAO, short for Fish Always Online, is a social fishing MMORPG that is playable on the web browser. The game features a colorful world beaming with highly appealing cutesy, a great variety of fish to catch and integration of interactive features, which combine to bring the core of virtual fishing to the social gaming scope.


The game allows players to fully customize their own characters with many options such as facial features and clothing. “A true cute-looking open world fishing MMO”, it can support up to 150 fishers to play in real-time at the same time, as players enter ten different in-game areas with distinct themes, catching fishes to complete their collection of over 150 different fish. There will be day-night cycle and weather system, which plays a deeper role than pure aesthetics. It is related to the habit of different fish and so decides whether a fish will show up or not. As to the social interaction, players in the game can meet new people, chat, make friends, play some cooperative mini-games together, or compete in the online tournaments.

FISHAO has a scheduled release this summer on both Fishao.com and Facebook.

FISHAO Screenshots:

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