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Floppy Fish is a new underwater take on the popular Floppy Bird from indie game studio Rivalry Media. A Floppy Bird clone as it is, it is one of the best, if not the best, clone with simple yet addictive, fun and challenging gameplay. Prepare to love it and hate it at once!

Floppy Fish Screenshot

In Floppy Fish you control the fish to swim through pipes by tapping the screen of your iOS device. Get as far as you can while collecting wonderful items along, and beat your friends in the leader board. Brave challenge and have fun in this old-school arcade game!

Floppy Fish – Key Game Features:

  • Enter an underwater world of old-school 8-bit graphics
  • Pass through as much pipes as you can
  • Collect star power-up to be invincible
  • Collect coins to get higher score
  • Avoid 3 different enemies: Jellyfish, Lobster and Drunken Fish
  • Send challenges to friends to have social interaction
  • Prepare to be both frustrated and addictive
  • Have fun, completely for free

Floppy Fish was released for iOS platform and is coming soon to Android.