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Flying Kingdoms is a new social game with mixed city-building and adventure from Vostu. Now it’s already available on Facebook and Orkut, and will land on Google+ soon with Portuguest, Spanish and English options. It seems to me like a combination of CityVille and Hello Adventure. As a typical social game, it offers the staples characteristic of Facebook titles, such as stylish world and avatars, bright palette, energy bar, friend list and so forth. Explore the mysterious woods, solve puzzles and gather treasures, and help the stoned king recover the glory of the Sky Kingdom.

Flying Kingdoms

You don’t really create your own character; practically, you just pick up the only one for your gender and then head to gameplay straightforwardly. As you punch the guardians to help poet Eric out of his trouble, your adventure in the flying island begins. You know little about what you are heading to in the beginning, but gradually you can pieces up the story about the seized sky kingdom by the Earth Empire, the stoned King in the desolate castle under spells, and suppressed life of folks (some even turned into pigs by witches) in the town. All comes from the quest scripts, which are interesting to learn, though loosely threaded in general.

Alongside the quest line, you begin to travel to and fro between the kingdom where you build structures and the wilderness where you explore for adventure. Almost every activity costs energy as in lots of Facebook games; yet specially, it sets up separate bars, Energy for kingdom-building and Mana for adventure. Although energy bars are of their own, building kingdom and adventure are intertwined to make a complete intriguing gameplay.

To build new, more structures or grow plants in the kingdom, you need gold coins, large amounts of which are earned by finishing quests, to buy them in shop; and to put structures into use, you have to provide them with wood or supplies collected in adventure. Meanwhile, during exploration, you will need tools to fix broken bridges so as to reach required locations, magical potions to remove curses (such as on men transformed into pigs), or training structures to improve skills in attack, defense and gold-digger; and tools, potions and skill buff all depend on structures built in the kingdom.

You are into the adventure more often than staying in the kingdom. In the kingdom, you usually buy structures, twice click to finish the construction and supply to let them run; besides, you just add plots to grow plants, raise animals or add decorations. Exploration adopts the similar mechanics in Hello Adventure – every map is grid-based, and limited areas around you are revealed with the rest invisible until the radius covers them. Collectable objects are scattered here and there – refrain to open every treasure box or pick up things on the ground; otherwise, you will find your ‘greed’ delay completion of quests, for the Mana is really limited and refilled slowly. During exploration, you grow stronger via helping townfolk. Sometimes, you need to defeat guardians: in the beginning, you deal damages with lv.1 attack; via battles, you also gather skill points that accumulate to unlock skills of higher level. Build the first training totem and killed the trained wolves? That’s the beginning of power up. Move on and you can be much stronger.

Flying Kingdom has great graphics, vivid animation and intriguing quest line. It taxes, not that hard, on players without friends in the game; and it pushes you out of gameplay for lack of energy or mana. Innovative it is not, it is fun and enjoyable. It’s a nice choice for you to play by whim and in burst.

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