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Forbidden Garden is a social simulation game that newly hit the scene on Facebook. Published by 6waves, the game is in the same vein with the company’s previous Sim title Astro Garden, but only with a new twist in the being-evil theme.

The game places you into the role of a comically evil wizard who is scheming to wreck havoc to the world and take it over. Around the abandoned citadel you found, you will claim the adjacent land, annex more neighboring villages and expand your influence over the region. The game is built on the established pattern of most games of this type, which hardly deviates from clear-construction-expansion contents.

Forbidden Garden

In-game activities are what you are familiar with. Clear garbage, trees and stones to gather resources, use resources to build different structures and harvest benefits from them, set up traps to rip thieves or block invaders, search the environmental objects for treasure boxes or particular evil animals, fight heroes to collect their blood required for certain plans, make potions, and trigger the eruption of volcano and so on – all activities are basically point-and-click and consume energies in great amount. There is a long list of work to do, part of which is story-driven with the rest purely grinding. Less grinding than most other Sim titles though, due to the special design in constructed facilities.

Each building built on the land will serve specific purposes. Some structures like sawmill and stone mines, once built, can free your character from the tedious and energy-draining labor by assigning such work to the in-game minions automatically. And some other facilities can increase your population, create desirable weather, conduct researches, generate gold coins or boost your character’s capabilities in certain way. Besides, there are a variety of spooky decorations you can place to make your land a playground for a villain.

The core gameplay is not creative yet solid. But there are some obvious defects that need to be fixed. First of all, there is no sound or any background music, which makes it feel like an incomplete game. As you first login to the game, you expect to hear the corky yet graceful evil wizard and his minions and hear to the footsteps, magic effects, the thunder, the volcano and everything; but there is none. You may wonder there is a button to toggle on in the setting; still none. You go on playing, soundlessly, but the whole experience is just not in the correct way but twisted a little bit. Then, it’s the frequent quirk that switches off the full screen mode with every level-up; and the story-telling cut-scenes show up some badly-rendered shaking effects.

Forbidden Garden is an average solid simulation game with a nice touch in the evil theme on the whole. Given its non-originality in the core and obvious issues that need tweaking, it is not a very competitive title thus far.

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