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Being innovative seems like one of the best, if not the best, comments on a game. Second to that is to be different. While it’s difficult to bring forth something brand new, some developers try to blend elements of different genres in a way unseen before. How about the combination of the strategy of MMO PvP with the fast-paced instant action of FPS? In that case, you get FORGE, a new PvP-oriented MMO.


FORGE eliminates the level grinding and ushers players into straightforward PvP battles for the reason illustrated in the game lore. Pantheon of gods is swallowed by an evil being named The Devourer. In order to escape, the gods summon warriors to the unknown world of FORGE where warriors fight head-on battles against one another to sacrifice the weakest to strengthen the power of gods. Defeat opponents and sacrifice them for the freedom of the worshipped gods. That’s why warriors are here and what they are fighting for.

Players in FORGE can choose one of five warrior classes, learn unique MMO style abilities (nine ability slots for each class) and fight in the instanced PvP in diversified maps. No grinding is required, nor is group. Skill and strategy play decisive role in the result of a competition. Despite no groups, players don’t actually play alone, but have a certain fierce and faithful companion to aid in battles. And note that, despite the description of FPS style, there are no guns there but a mixture of melee and arranged abilities, and in-game camera is set in third-person perspective only. No further information is revealed now. It remains to see how PvP and FPS gameplay is blended and what fills in the vacancy that is otherwise occupied by grinding. As to its business model, it’s not free-to-play, but requires players buying the game first and then downloadable contents updated later.

FORGE is developed by indie Dark Vale Games in partnership with SuperGenius Studio. Built on Unreal Engine 3, it promises top-north visuals and silk-smooth combat. Overall, this game is an ambitious attempt to bring triple-A quality at the indie price. And the registration for closed beta is available now at the official site. It’s set to launch in 2012.