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Frozen Free Fall is a beautiful and engaging match-3 Puzzle game from Disney for iPhone and iPad. Featured a unique arctic landscape, the game sees you travel through a world of frost flowers with the companion of various characters and break icy crystals to conquer levels.

Frozen Free Fall

Frozen Free Fall adopts the established swap-and-match formula that has been seen in many of puzzlers out there. Swap adjacent crystals to make matches of at least three same colored crystals to break them, create or use special tiles/items to boost the score, and match crystals to achieve the level objective to pass and gain three stars. The foundation of the game mechanics are commonplace. What makes the game special is its distinct artwork, stylish graphics and rich variety in all fronts.

The overall snow-covered kingdom, frost flowers as background, zigzagging trails leading way from forests through quiet villages to unknown icy beautiful lands, snow flake falling from the sky, unique design of frozen landscapes and so on – all these create a peaceful, stylish and attractive gaming world in the background. More than pure aesthetics, Frozen Free Fall presents style and variety in the design of board, tiles, special items and level goals to enrich the gameplay.

Every stage has its specific goal for you and it can be to score x points within limited moves or time or bring down required crystals to the bottom. And every puzzle plays differently with the diverse board shapes and many types of special tiles that must be broken in specific way. Match crystals nearby to clear the snow cover, break frozen crystals by matching it and create special crystals by making big and differently shaped matches.

As in most match-3 puzzle games you can unlock a series of booster items from the common hourglass and extra moves to the theme-specific ice pick and iceberg. Some power-ups can be created by great matches while others can be gained only by unlocking and purchasing. Unique in Frozen Free Fall, there is another way of gaining them, i.e. using the special powers of a cast of characters. Along the way, you will meet a series of characters from cute children to trolls, each of which equipped with their own powers like torches to break 8 connecting tiles, troll magic to summon a random item to use and glacier to break all ice crystals of a chosen color. Before a level you can first select one unlocked character and put its special power in use when necessary.

Frozen Free Fall provides tons of levels across an extensive map with varying landscapes and character design. It implements the established star-rating system and Heart restriction. You have five hearts in default to use for each play. If you fail in a level you lose one heart and can try again. Heart refills over time, 30m per heart. And there is always the option of purchasing full recovery for $0.99 for continuous play while also showing support for the good job done by the developers.

Frozen Free Fall is a beautiful creation based on conventional game mechanics. With its traditional match-3 play and unique and stylish artwork, it is worth a download for casual puzzle fans.

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