Funcom to Develop Lego MMO

TIME : 29th Jun 2012 FriAUTHOR : Eleanor

While lots of hardcore players are waiting for the July 3rd launch of The Secret World from Funcom, the leading developer and publisher of online games is already ready to get started working on another MMO, a family-friendly online experience based on the popular LEGO Minifigures Franchise.

“LEGO Minifigures are the inhabitants of an unimaginable number of spectacular creations put together by both kids and grown-ups over the past several decades.” Based on this world-renowned brand, Funcom will make a multiplayer online game that will be “a prominent part of the LEGO Minifigures online experience which already has millions of unique visitors per month”. And the MMO game that Funcom will develop “will focus on maxium accessibility”.

Not even a title for this new LEGO MMO is set, let alone other information. But surely further revelation will be soon.