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Galaxy on Fire 2 is an exciting top-notch 3D space combat simulation game from the creator of the Galaxy on Fire series. Built on the great success of the original game, the successor is promising to become even hotter with its gorgeous 3D graphics, intuitive virtual joystick control, captive adventurous missions and full voice acting in the vast galaxy.

Galaxy on Fire 2

In Galaxy on Fire you assume the role of Keith T. Maxwell and start the adventure with a bounty mission chasing down pirates. From the first battle you are guided to get familiar with the game control: steer your ships via the virtual joystick and accelerometer (or you can choose to fly without it), keep enemies within the crosshair to lock them, and fire/auto fire to blow enemy ships up. While the control is simple, it takes time to master it making the ship move exactly the way you want it to do.

After you finished the three pirate ships, you are led by the story, with full voice over, to an accident and then a strange station to wake up, finding yourself in Var Hastra, an entire galaxy away from Eden Prime you intended to go. You will find your way back to Eden Prime but before the best chance comes, you have nothing better to do than keeping yourself busy with some missions.

You can travel between the many star systems to learn about the Mido Confederation and participate in various adventures in the side of justice. And you can also freely enter the Ship Lounge where you accept different side missions – accept the wager challenge of taking out more pirate ships than an opponent, investigate a fishy case in a space station, transport several people safety to a certain destination, and so on and so forth. Meanwhile, if you want to horn your skills in piloting and pursue high action, you can take the Supernova Challenge which pits you against recurring waves of enemy ships within a given time limit. Also, when you feel stronger and better in controls, you can lift the story-driven mission and combat to a higher difficulty level, from Normal to Hard then to Extreme.

By successfully completing missions, you can win money that is needed a lot in purchasing new ships and gear. Galaxy on Fire 2 features a variety of spaceships that can be customized and tinkled to best suit one’s style and a large arsenal of weapons, shields, equipment and power-ups for deep strategy in creating edges in battles. Besides, you can mine ores and cores from asteroids and trade with other players.

Galaxy on Fire 2 is free-to-play with purchasable add-ons. If you’ve fully enjoyed the action-packed, story-driven space combat and crave for more exciting campaigns, you can choose to purchase Valkyrie ($4.99), Supernova ($6.99) or a discounted package of both ($9.99). Both Add-ons will invariably unlock some exciting new contents including ships, weapons, blueprints and much more, and they will unveil something exclusive and unique: Valkyrie sees you fight to unravel the mysteries on board of the Valkyrie Station and gives you access to the special black market and emergency systems, while Supernova challenges you to save the Mido sector from its impending destruction with more than 20 action-packed missions for hours of fun. In addition, you can have your own station with infinite cargo space to store all your ships and rare commodities by purchasing the Kaamo Club add-on.

Galaxy on Fire 2 is one of the best space battle and trading simulator in the App Store. With its high-end graphics, smooth and intuitive control, action-packed combat, story-driven adventure role-playing and almost every polished detail, it is a recommended download without any doubt.

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