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Galaxy on Fire – Alliances is a high-end sci-fi strategy MMO about galactic warfare and it is the first massively multiplayer game of Fishlabs’ Galaxy on Fire(GoF) series. Carrying on the premium quality of GoF saga, Galaxy on Fire – Alliances ships from the solo space combat to the new multiplayer field for new exploration and achievement just like the way it takes players into an uncharted part of the galaxy for conquest.

Galaxy on Fire – Alliances features the familiar lore and races but opens up a new playground called the Shroud Nebula. In the newly discovered region, commanders of the three old species will strive to make a name for themselves and bond together to rise as the most powerful force.

Galaxy on Fire-Alliances

You can choose to become a commander of the Terran, Nivelian or the Vossk, each with its own species specialty. The bipedal Nivelian can build structures 10% cheaper and faster; the hostile Vossk are equally efficient but in building ships; and the balanced Terran gains an average 5% bonus in building almost everything. Once you choose your race, you will be teleported to your home world and start the construction immediately.

Base building is the backbone of future military actions. Construction of a base of operations plays is conventional blending the established elements in the familiar fashion. You will manage three resources to set economic foundation, build a fleet with the basic carrier and various spaceships, research in the lab to increase the power of resources, construct scanning sector to produce spy drones for intel, erect market for trade and barrack for army units, and shield your home world with defense. Build and upgrade – the essence of base building is the same here. What’s new is the 3D world where you can rotate smoothly your planets and get a panorama of them all.

As you gradually become fledged, you can have your adventure. Missions are a good starter. Following the quest chain, you can send a fleet to fight outlaws to gain ship wreckage near your home world, investigate hidden threats around, take on hostile rivals in skirmishes for resources and XP, harvest profits in the trading market and colonize an unclaimed planet or defeat competitors over its ownership. A special design here is that every mission is time-bound: you have to grab them and complete before it terminates.

In-game missions are diverse and plentiful and are a quick way to level up gathering XP, resources and various items that are needed in build up powerful fleets. And battle is the core for most. To fight a battle, you will deploy ships and get equipment and then send the fleet to its destination. Instead constantly jumping into fray and see the battle fight, you have to wait for the traveling to and fro before you can get the battle report which then shows the win-or-loss result, details of enemy unit types and the replay of turn-based battle. Light fighters, interceptors, bombers, freighters and carriers of various types as well as a large arsenal of weapons can be gradually unlocked and leveled up. They offer a heap of depth and put your strategic control in tests.

Multiplayer interaction is the most noteworthy element of Galaxy on Fire 2 which gives GoF fans what they have been asking for for years. With the easily accessible PvP system, you can create your own alliances when you are a level 7 commander and have the several required artifacts (or join an existing one) and develop diplomatic relationship with hundreds of thousands of other commanders out in the galaxy. Together allies can coordinate resources by trading, exchange intel and work out team-based strategies in offense and defense, and help each other in the base expansion, colonization and galactic warfare.

Galaxy on Fire – Alliances features high-end 3D graphics with the sci-fi glare, solid planet building and colonization, myriads of missions to horn your battle skills and exciting multiplayer features for deeper immersion. It is an ambitious works from experienced hands and the first fully-fledged free-to-play multiplayer title of the GoF franchise.

Galaxy on Fire – Alliances is now entered Open Beta and can be downloaded at the App Store. It has a schedule official release in the first quarter of 2014.

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