Gamania’s Web Koihime Musou Entered Open Beta

TIME : 20th Jun 2012 WedAUTHOR : Eleanor

Gamania released the announcement that their browser-based RTS Web Koihime Musou returned for its Open Beta at 6:00PM PDT yesterday. Koihime and strategy fans are invited to participate in the Battle Maiden warfare.

Web Koihime Musou

Web Koihime Musou, loosely inspired by the popular Koihime IP in Japan, will lead players into warfare among three competitive kingdoms fought by pure maiden warriors. “In Web Koihime Musou, players work together and compete against each other in a heated game of conquest. Requiring strategic planning and cunning, they’ll gather resources, expand their territories, build massive armies, and assault enemy strongholds to ultimately take control of the Three Kingdoms. Utilizing the famous Japanese IP, Koihime, players can find and join forces with over 100 beautiful Battle Maidens straight from the anime and novel!”

With the Return of Beta, Gamania also launches an official Koihime Musou cosplay event. “Four talented cosplayers have crafted their own authentic outfits and will bring the game’s alluring Battle Maidens, Choun, Ryubi, Sonsaku, and SoSo to life at this year’s Anime Expo on June 30th. ”

Web Koihime Musou is slated to launch this summer on the game portal of beanfun!.