Game Insight Announces a New HOG Incredible Heist for iPad

TIME : 22nd Feb 2014 SatAUTHOR : Eleanor

Game Insight announces a brand new thrilling Hidden Object Game called Incredible Heist for iPad bringing crime drama in the object hunt! In Incredible Heist, players will take the role of an amateur con artist who must help his mentor steal priceless treasures from around the globe. Throughout their journey, players will collect rare items and learn much about the tactics of veteran con artists. The game will leverage the best features of the hidden-object genre while also mixing up with action with engrossing new mini-games as well.

Incredible Heist

Incredible Heist will offer breathtaking adventure for those who like to live life on the edge! This unique new hidden object game will take place in a world of conmen, grifters, and world-renowned jewel thieves. Players will rifle through hidden treasure caches, open the most ingenious locks, and solve the world’s most challenging puzzles. As players progress through the game, they will meet a cast of amazing characters and even put together their own elite team of jetsetting hustlers. Players will also assemble unique item collections and track down fragments of mysterious artifacts known as Cryptexes. These relics will eventually reveal the heritage of an ancient and mysterious Thieves Guild, whose legacy lies hidden throughout many parts of the world.

Incredible Heist is developed by the creator of the smash hit Mystery Manor and is ambitious to captivate fans of hidden object games everywhere with fascinating gameplay and gorgeous graphics.

Stay tuned for more updates on the game’s upcoming iPad release.

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