Game Insight Unleashes Tank Domination on iPad

TIME : 05th Dec 2013 ThuAUTHOR : Eleanor

Game Insight, a leader in the social and mobile games space, is extremely happy to announce the release of Tank Domination, their 10v10 tank combat MMO, on iPad. The game is already a smash hit in Russia, hitting #1 on the Russian App Store when it released there a couple of weeks ago. Please find the full press release on the launch below.

Tank Domination

Game Insight’s massive free-to-play tank combat MMO is now live on the Apple App Store for iPad

MOSCOW & SAN FRANCISCO – December 5, 2013 – Game Insight, a global leader in mobile and social games, is excited to reveal the launch of its modern tank combat MMO Tank Domination for iPad. Tank Domination lets virtual tank commanders go to war in epic 20-player battles across a variety of war-torn environments. Tank Domination recently launched in Russia and quickly became the #1 game on the Russian App Store.

Tank Domination features the world’s most advanced military vehicles, offering conventional mobile armor and even experimental prototypes within the roster of the 30 Russian, American, and Chinese vehicles available to players at launch.

In addition to offering dozens of real-world tanks to drive, Tank Domination includes a huge variety of customization options and handy in-game social features to help players quickly and easily coordinate the assault with friends. In terms of gameplay, Tank Domination offers in-depth team tactics, and easy-to-pick-up, always-on, drop-in multiplayer that lets up to 20 players duke it out in real-time synchronous matches.

For more information on Tank Domination, please visit the game’s website at, and for all the latest updates, be sure to follow the game on Twitter at @TankDomination and like the game on Facebook at

Tank Domination can be downloaded here:

The game will also be released on Android devices in 2014.