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Gangs of Boomtown

Gangs of Boomtown
  • Release Date: Feb of 2012
  • Publisher: Digital Chocolate
  • Developer: Digital Chocolate
  • Genre: Social
  • Official Site

Gangs of Boomtown is a new social game that is developed by Digital Chocolate behind Zombie Lane and Millionaire City and available in the social platform of G+. As the title suggests, it’s themed with both gangsters and town construction. In it, players will act as hero sharpshooters who seek revenge on the Assassins Gang – murderers of your family and destroyers of Boomtown – and restore the town to its old-day glory. Start out sending Harley, the No. 10 assassin of the gang, to his grave. You ready?

Gangs of Boomtown

After a simple character creation, you are in, helping the town sheriff out by handling several troublemakers. There, you step on the path of struggle. New NPCs will join in taking their roles and bringing more quests: rid the town of more bandits, clear the debris for usable land and materials, add new structures to accommodate returned townfolk, do farming to supply goods, collect items and coins from houses, duel other players, finish the top 10 Assassins one after another for bounty, decorate the town to increase revenue, and upgrade community facilities to unlock more playable contents.

Construction is based on grids. Everything – burnt buildings, charred crops, dead horses, sharp rocks, rubble, skull, trees – takes up an amount of grids; so does all that you build or restore. To complete the construction, you need enough grids to place it firstly, but have to offer the required materials as well. It’s a little creepy here, for the collection of required materials includes body parts such as fingers, hearts and eyes besides the usual bottles and shovels, etc.. In fact, you collect the body parts from those shot dead by you in battles.

Combat is fought often, as guided by the quest line. As you finish the No. 10 Assassin Harley, you are informed of the following rivals in the Overall Progress. Next is One-eyed Rooster, then the Undead. It takes more shots to finish the top assassins than end the small potatoes of troublemakers or bandits. Bandits are tiered in various roles like recruits, henchmen and comandantes: the higher rung they are, the more difficult to kill. You can finish the troublemakers by one single shot, recruits by two and henchmen by three, for instance; moreover, the lowest bad guys don’t really fire back (they shoot at you but don’t hurt you), but those in higher rank can fight back reducing your energy. As you level up, you gain skill points to distribute in a wide range of aspects, such as higher rents on houses, quicker draw, boosted bullet dodge and increased head shots, etc.. Meanwhile, with gun shops upgraded, you can get more powerful guns to deal greater damage every shot so as to save energy.

Almost every action costs Energy, 25 points making a full bar in the beginning. It’s great that you can accumulate more Energy than the maximum capacity; and it’s bad that frequent lack of energy is the culprit that either burns a hole in your pocket or freezes your move even in a life-or-death battle.

The gameplay digs deep in the gangster theme and hold tight to it in the quest line. You can find something ‘fussy’ yet fresh, say, to go to the Cemetery where the top assassins are buried to collect coins and energy. Gangster story rolls on non-stop, leading you to rescue the kidnapped, hunt down the other outcasts in the run or kill all invaders to your town. You become stronger; so do your enemies, some of which even have ferocious beasts aided.

Along the way, you can’t miss the great artworks of its maps. Different episodes take you into unique spots that are painted beautifully. All scenes, on the whole, take the same brown tone and impress you a desert town. Separately, each presents a scenic view of its own.

Being social, it exerts in the bulk of single-player gameplay with quite a few social turns. You need friends early in Lv.3 when the quests pop up asking you to visit a friend’s and give a hand there and hire a friend to staff in the Saloon so as to finish its construction. You bet, friends’ help will be more needed as you make more enemies and protect a larger town. Try to find some friends; otherwise, the hole in your pocket will be further enlarged.

Gangs of Boomtown blends the crime theme and town construction and renders both fairly well. It has crispy graphics and good back music plus voiceover, which make the casual gameplay more immersive. Energy setup reduces the possible time-sink. So you can just step into the role of hero gunslinger in short bursts of time and return to carry on with your real life.

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  1. Shareen U says:

    Enjoy Gangs of Boomtown game. How do I find other players to invite as friends and players of game??


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